Robin Adair-Self Auditing Series 1

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Robin Adair-Self Auditing Series 1
Topic Auditing
Author Robin Adair
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Self Auditing Series 1

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Lock Scanning[edit | edit source]

So you're out in the middle of nowhere. Somewhere where you have no access to an auditor.

Maybe you can't afford to buy auditing right now.

We're in the middle of a recession and money's scarce right now.

What to do?

There are quite a number of processes, actions and exercises that you can run on yourself with some success, which may give you some case gain.

The first one I'd like to take up is one of the first one's developed that can be audited on oneself and that is lock scanning.

In the book Science of Survival, pg 174 in Chapter 11 Lock Scanning Ron says:

"People can lock-scan themselves with considerable ease, unless they are too low on the

tone scale. They merely start at the earliest incident they can remember of a certain kind which may be troubling them and come forward through all similar incidents to present time. They do this over and over until they become interested in their present-time environment."

"The time to stop lock-scanning of any particular chain of locks is when the preclear is extroverted, which is to say interested in his present-time environment, or when the chain requires only an instant or two to scan."

So there you go an auditing procedure that you can run on yourself with considerable benefit.

Good hunting and good luck.

If you have any difficulties or questions.

You can always get in touch with me or any auditor listed here in Scientolipedia.

Best Regards

Robin Adair