Robin Rhyne - LC's Grade 0

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Success Story
Auditor Robin Rhyne
Name L.C.
Auditing Success Grade 0
Website Rhyne

Grade 0 Release today for one of my preclears: Robin Rhyne

Hmm...where to start? I feel very good and easy now with being able to listen on any subject, where before certain subjects frightened me or were taboo. Now I feel most subjects are OK to talk about and much more safe and normal. I can also outflow and give my opinion or feelings as well! And it seems good, fine, normal and great for everyone to be able to communicate freely on any subject. In fact, the subjects that were previously taboo seem now to be the ones most needed to talk about!

This freedom to communicate easier is flowing into my personal relationships such as with my romantic and love interests! I can talk and listen to friends better. My time with my family seems more real and authentic.

I think I have been hiding my authentic self for some time (i.e. all my life) and now I feel to express and show who I am! It is helping me to be a better doctor, to listen, hear and speak on previously frightening subjects. People open up to me easier now because they sense my comfort. it is really wonderful!

I feel more connected to strangers as well. Now I do not have to wait for a stranger to to break the awkward silence. Instead I often will speak first and strike up interesting conversations with strangers and seem to have friends everywhere I go. I am not so alone anymore! We are all alone in some ways. Our only way to not be alone is to communicate. I am not alone anymore because I communicate well. It does not have to be only superficial communication, but real and meaningful. life has become less superficial. My life is now more real and meaningful!

Thanks a ton for escorting me through breaking the chains that slow or stop communication. All the tears and yawns were easily worth it!