Ronald Allen

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Ronald Allen
Birthdate 09/14
Birthday September 14, 2014
Deceased No
Nationality USA
Occupation Class VIII Auditor & C/S
Org. Affiliation(s) Freezone San Francisco
Case Level OT-VII
Training Level Class VIII
Email Ron@FreezoneMonterey.Com

Ronald Allen is a Class VIII Auditor & C/S operating out of the S.F. bay area.
I can deliver just about anything you could need/want; from Dianetics & Grades to Power & Super Power, L-10 & L-11,
and the original/later OT levels, as well as tech-based rundowns you may have never heard of before.
Are you bugged on your solo auditing? I can help you sort all that out.
I am the originator of the Past Therapy Rundown to help clients resolve past therapy issues
(per the resistive cases HCOB).
If you are a former C-of-S person come to Freezone San Francisco for a free session to get
disentangled from your Cof$ bypassed charge.
We hope that you like the auditing experience here so much that you will continue on with us.
If you would like to begin/continue auditor training, the FZ San Francisco course room is the place to do it.