Scientologists Talk About "The Master"

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Scientologists Talk About "The Master"
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Ian Waxler The new movie, "The Master" has been out barely one week, and even though released on a very limited number of screens, has already created enough of a buzz that has critics talking about "Academy Award" prospects!

The acting of Joaquin Phoenix and Philip Seymour Hoffman receives raves all around, while some are finding faults with the meandering story-line and an unsettling ending that leaves one wondering!

Apparently based "loosely", on L Ron Hubbard and Scientology, knowing Scientologists will say it goes well beyond that label and does so in a by-design very unflattering manner. In short, it's a "one-sided" viewpoint of the founder that presents him as a charismatic ego-maniac who endears himself to others solely for the purpose of using them. Devotees will argue that Hubbard was in fact a man totally dedicated to his self-improvement technologies, even to the point of self-denial of the benefits of the wealth he had accumulated over decades. Ian Waxler

L Ron Hubbard

Marty Rathbun "If there is any fault in the film, it will be the one corporate Scientologists can hang their misguided criticisms on. That is, for those well-studied and practiced in the subject, the portrayal of the methodologies and philosophy of Scientology was just plainly too shallow. But, even Anderson’s shortcoming is a boon for Scientology. For the average viewer, his portrayal of ‘processing’ is probably a tremendous mitigation of whatever their notions about it were coming in to the movie, given corporate Scientology’s bastardization of the subject.

What they will miss by focusing on the technical inaccuracy, however, is the amazingly apt, artistic portrayal of L. Ron Hubbard and the ultimate, aberrated group dynamic of Scientology. Paul Thomas Anderson digs L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology better than Tom Cruise, John Travolta, David Miscavige (corporate Scientology’s supreme leader – read, Freddie Quell at the helm) and probably every other card carrying member of Scientology Incoporated..." Mark Rathbun

Howard Dickman Superb characters as portrayed by Hoffman and Phoenix. Perfectly boring movie with a unimaginative script. Blatant bits and pieces of Scientology, albeit sometimes horribly altered pieces, thrown about helter-skelter. My wife, a retired RN who knows very little about Scientology, left before the movie was finished. If you desire to see the movie, wait for the DVD. Howard Dickman

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