Sergei Akshentsev

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Sergei Akshentsev
Birth info Born in Russia
Nationality Russian
Occupation Team Lead

- How is your average day normally going?
- Well, usually 4 hours of commute, 8 hours of work and 6 hours of sleep... the rest of the time spent with family and doing home routines....
- Would you like to change something?
- Oh yes! :)
- Do you practice anything?
- You know, materials of Dennis Stephens are of interest for me, you may've heard of TROM.
- May I ask you to list all the entities you think you have?
- Yeah, sure, it is as simple as that:
photo-video operator-editor
user-admin architect-software developer
... to be continued

P.S. definitely the commutes and showing up on job are not the most exciting things in my life and I'm intended to change that... so help me you.