Seventeen Reasons to Get Auditing from an Independent Auditor

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Seventeen Reasons to Get Auditing from an Independent Auditor
Topic Reasons to Get Indie Auditing
Author David St Lawrence
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Seventeen Reasons to Get Auditing From an Independent Auditor[edit | edit source]

by David St Lawrence

If you have been a member of the Church of Miscavige, you have probably been subjected to a perverted version of Scientology technology for many years. Why not find out what can be done with an ethical independent auditor? Here are some reasons you should consider getting services from an independent auditor:

  • Your independent auditor follows the Auditors Code.
  • Your independent auditor’s first question is: “What do you want to handle?”
  • Your independent auditor is willing to address what you want handled no matter what it is.
  • Your independent auditor is happy to help you gain certainty on attesting to the state of clear.

You will find that validation of this state is far simpler than the church would have you believe.

  • You get to choose the independent auditor who duplicates you best. You want an auditor you can trust. Auditor skill and presence have a part in this but there is a matter of personal chemistry and this can make all the difference in the world for a PC. You get to choose.
  • Your first reg cycle consists of: “How many hours do you wish to purchase? Good! Send me the money when you are ready to get started.”
  • Follow-on reg cycles consist of: “You are getting low on hours. Would you like more auditing when this runs out?”
  • Your independent auditor will do whatever it takes to reconstruct your auditing history and to give you certainty on what you have achieved through auditing. Lack of old folders is no barrier.
  • An hour of independent auditing generally costs less than a night on the town and the benefits are permanent.
  • An independent auditor makes every effort to accommodate your schedule. Some will come to you and deliver services. Some deliver services over secure Internet connections. You are free to choose the practitioner and delivery method that suits your needs.
  • Your independent auditor should have goals that are aligned with your own. You should get that point cleared up in the very first interview.
  • If you get a follow-up call from your auditor, it is probably because he is checking on your progress and to see that your gains are stable.
  • If you contact an independent auditor and he feels that someone else could provide you with better service because of your situation or your location, he will probably refer you to that other auditor.
  • An independent auditor delivers sessions with a great deal of ARC. He is there for the pc and is not caught up in a stat push for high hours. Nor is he an inquisitor gathering confidential data for future org blackmail.
  • Your independent auditor recognizes that you wish to receive auditing that addresses what you have attention on. He spends as little time on rudiments (ARC breaks, present time problems, and missed withholds) as possible. He does not do the “I am Not Auditing You” security checks at all but instead will repair the effects of that barbarous practice with appropriate correction lists.
  • Your independent auditor recognizes when a process has reached End Phenomena and knows that the meter action is only one of the four indicators. He indicates F/Ns when they occur and is not fixated on the meter waiting for it to do the infamous Miscavige Three Swing F/N.
  • Your independent auditor knows that you have a life to live and a career to manage. When something comes up that requires your immediate attention, he expects you to take time to handle the situation properly and then he will resume delivering auditing to you.

If there are reasons I have missed, feel free to add your contributions to the list.

David St Lawrence from his blog: Possibly Helpful Advice Possibly Helpful Advice

Posted by: RandySmith- Professional Grad V Auditor and CS