Sex, Politics and Religion- Charese

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Sex, Politics and Religion- Charese
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It has been considered taboo to talk about Sex, Politics and Religion for some time in the United States. One would wonder why this is such a bad thing as the country was founded by free thinkers and freedom of speech. So why is it considered Taboo these days to discuss the very thing that made this country great? In the days of the Greeks some of the most famous philosophers that we now study talked about these very things. How is a man or a women to grow spiritually if they can not communicate on subjects, if it is wrong to look?

L. Ron Hubbard says in the book The Phoenix Lectures page 258;

"And we go up a little higher and we get to the way you do make space which is by looking. And actually you get to make space by knowing. If you just knew there was some space, there would be some space, and that would be all there was to that. Just that simple. That's an effective way to go about it, and looking is another effective way to go about it, and when we get down to emotion, that is getting ineffective. People who try to make space with emotion don't get very far. That's literally, actually, figuratively, or any other way you want to look at it. It's too condensed, and it kicks back. Yet that is above the individual who makes space by working hard or by pushing hard or by exerting force."

"In other words we see that there is quite a little bit of band there, at effort, and you'll see that they get less far than people who try to make space with emotion. And now we get into the thinking band, and people who try to make space with thinking, which is about the most unworkable activity that anybody could engage in. When we get down to making space with symbols, here is a nation trying to fly its flag over all the world, which doesn't make much space, and then we go into eating, and an individual trying to make space by offering things to be eaten. A cattleman, for instance, is doing this. He's making space with cattle. And a fat man is trying to make space with food, and so on. Now when we get down into sex, of course, if an individual could breed fast enough and far enough he would wind up with all sorts of space, he thinks. Of course, he winds up with no space. This is the most condensed activity you can get into: sex. You can see somebody's bank all short-circuited—jammed on sex. But remember, we are looking at a gradi- ent scale that runs from Sexingness right on up through the levels to Know- ingness."

It is by looking and communicating that people grow spiritually and today I find people that I run into that say wow you are a Scientologists? Can you tell me about it? And I say sure. And they say really? you are the first that is willing to talk to me about it. And this has happened quite a few times and I think we are Scientologists we should be the first to stand up and to communicate. We are America's that fought for this right to communicate and yet we are still afraid to even speak of our own faith.

I am hoping with this video that we can start the dialogue that our founding fathers once took up and begin to look again at politics sex and religion and ethics. That we as Scientologists will lead this country to have all the greatness that it was intended and that we can lead this world to a new place a place where men think and communicate freely. Enjoy the video!