Ships of the Sea Organization, 1967 to 1975

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Ships of the Sea Organization, 1967 to 1975
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Topic Ships of the Sea Org, 1967 to 1975
Author Howard Dickman
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The Sea Organization

The Sea Organization (Sea Org) came into existence on August 12, 1967[1]. As the name implies, this fraternal organization operated off of ships, around Europe/North Africa and on the west coast of the United States. The Sea Org operated off of the following ships until 1975; at which time the Sea Org sold all the ships and became land based.

Europe/North Africa[edit | edit source]

The ships that operated around Europe/North Africa were;

  1. Apollo (originally known as the Royal Scotman)[2]
    • Length 340'
    • Beam 48'
  2. Athena (originally known as the Avon River)[2]
    • Length 145' 4"
    • Beam 26' 1"
  3. Commodore Queen[3]
    • Length 150'
  4. Diana (originally known as the Enchanter)[2]
  5. Kastelholm[3]
  6. Nkambi[3]
    • Length 20'

The west coast of the United States[edit | edit source]

The ships that operated off of the west coast of the United States were;

  1. Aries (originally known as the Bluefin[4])[3]
    • Length 65'
  2. Bolivar (originally known as the Grinnel)[3]
    • Length 173' 8"
    • Beam 23'
  3. Excalibur (originally known as the Asia)[3]
    • Length 184' 6"
    • Beam 33' 1"
  4. Neptune[3]

Notes[edit | edit source]

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