Sofia wins on Life Repair

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Success Story
Auditor Ron's Org Grenchen
Name Sofia
Auditing Success Life Repair

I came in the Ron’s Org Grenchen completely adrift sinking gently or even very quickly… this is the feeling I had when I came.

And today, a week later? I still don’t believe it! The change is radical: I finally found the serenity and an inner peace I was looking for a very long time, trying other methods like Hinduism, meditation, visualization, etc. without any result.

Now I have trust in me and in the future, I have no fear, no more panic attacks, no stomach ache. Finally I found the sleep again and wake up totally fit. I am calm and happy only to be here.

All has changed: at home, already after 3 days, I was sure that objects were somewhere else they were before or even disappeared… but it was not true: I only saw that my perception of my environment had totally changed.

Now to do something is not bound with a supernatural effort and the impression of a mountain to climb in front of me. I find myself performing tasks with lots of fun and lightness that I did not have for years.

And what a pleasure to have done the Communication Course beside the auditing, applying it in life and see the successes.

I understand now the words “having gains” I heard so often from other scientologists.

My only regret: not to have had the courage of confronting me before!

Now I know what way I want to follow… a great thanks to Yvan and all the staff members for your devotion and kindness. Thanks you’re here!

See you very soon for the next adventures!

Sofia S.