Solo Auditing Basics

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Solo Auditing Basics
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Solo Auditing (good)[edit | edit source]

1. the action of "solo auditing" is not self-auditing. Solo auditing is done in a regular session in model session form. (HCOB 8 Dec 64)
2. in solo auditing the auditor is also the pc. This means that once the auditor has duplicated and understood the item or question the pc has also. (BTB 12 Dec 71 IV)

Note: After going Clear, one can learn to solo audit on a special course for this training. All of the OT Levels are done "solo" (with the exception of Audited NOTS (New OT 5) and/or any specialty rundowns, like the "L's", or repair actions)

Once one is trained as a Solo Auditor, the sky is the limit as far as spiritual exploration and advancement is concerned.

Solo Auditing Demo[edit | edit source]

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Self Auditing (bad)[edit | edit source]

1. the manifestation of going around running concepts or processes on one's self. One is doing this because he has been made afraid, through his failure on others, of his ability to control his own engrams, facsimiles, thoughts and concepts, and he seeks to control them through auditing. (Dn 55!, p. 121)
2. solo auditing occurs in session with a meter. Self-auditing is out-of-session wondering and chewing on bank. (HCOB 10 Apr 380
72) 3. the manifestation of being overwhelmed by masses etc., and pulling only think out of the bank. Pulling out think then pulls in more force which gives more self-audit. (HCOB 19 Jun 70 II)
4. self-auditing is done ordinarily out of valence and results in the preclear expending counter-efforts against himself. Thus he succeeds only in hurting himself. (AP&A, p.31)