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Streaming Scientology/Instructions
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Streaming the lectures on Scientolipeida is fairly simple to learn but it helps to know what is going on. When clicking on Streaming Scientology, you will see the following page.

Choose the lecture set[edit | edit source]

When the page loads, ARTISTS is selected by default. The library of lecture sets appears below.

The ARTISTS tab is selected by default. This is where you browser through the list of Lecture Sets. When you CLICK on the Lecture Set you want to listen to, the contents of that folder will show on the right of the list of Lecture Sets.

Click on a lecture set to see its contents.

Choose the lecture to play[edit | edit source]

Once you see the lectures on the right, either DOUBLE CLICK on the lecture you would like to listen to or click on the small PLAY button to the left of the lecture name. When the lecture begins you can control it in the Player bar at the bottom of the page.

Double Click a lecture to play it. Or click on the PLAY button above the file icon.

NOTE![edit | edit source]

Sometimes the folder for a lecture set contains more than just the audio of the lectures. To download these files, click the DOWNLOAD button above the icon for the file.

Click the DOWNLOAD button above the icon to download file.

But NOTICE ... the fist lecture in the set appears on the same line as those extra files...

The first lecture in a set appears on the same line as extra files if they exist.