Success Story: Relationship Processing

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Success Story
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Success Story: Relationship Processing

Most, if not all of us have been plagued by situations of abrasive, unsmooth relationships at times with people we have around us frequently, be it a co-worker, family member, romantic partner, someone sharing a daily frequented environment that we are too often not getting along very well with. This becomes a constant assault on one’s peace of mind and one’s ability to be present.

I’ve developed a three-step protocol of processing techniques that effectively dismantles the hostilities and brings about (or restores) a harmonious relationship.

When a relationship between people in frequent contact is rough, life is not good.

The power of Relationship Processing is something that everyone should find out about, and avail oneself of when needed.

Here’s the story of one client:

“The most amazing thing happened. I was having problems at work with a person I would run into on a semi regular basis. I really hated this guy and he hated me back.

Every time we encountered each other we would butt heads. After every argument and disagreement it would bother me for several days. It made me feel smaller. I was anticipating the discomfort of the next encounter with this guy so much, it seemed to be all I thought about at times. It took away from the time I could be spending on other, better things.

Dex has a process he created exactly for this kind of a situation. We did it- Wow! It was so simple, and I felt AMAZING right away. It was incredible.

So guess what, that guy who used to piss me off came by today. It was incredible. It was like my good buddy had just rolled up. As we walked and talked we shook hands like 3 times and said good bye twice. It was awesome a completely new relationship. It was great to see him and I sure hope he comes back soon.

A. K.