TRs from 0 to 4 success story

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Success Story
Auditor Soledad Méndez
Name Ron's Org Buenos Aires
Training Success TRs

TRS ARE ON COMMUNICATION, and communication is life. To live, one has to establish a communication by emmiting it to the outside. TRs allowed me to remember this. In TR0 I discovered (or remember) the power of the present, how pleasurable, fun, and interesting it is. In TR0 bullbaiting I confronted the almost total power that some buttons had on me. It was surprising to discover how their hypnotic force could crush my will.

In TR1 I discovered the elegance and power of putting out a communication by just being me, with no vias or tricks.

In TR2 I learned to receive a communication and acknowledge it in a natural way. It sounds simple, it's simple, but it's also very powerful.

In TR3 and TR4 I learned to naturally controlling the communication and interaction with others whilst applying the previous TRs.

Which help to expand in life and reach new places, for, to create, it's necessary to communicate. Also, they help to remain in the present and keep the bank away.

Excellent experience.

Thanks to Armando and Soledad, which were my supervisors. Thanks Martín for being an excellent twin.