Taking Responsibility

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Taking Responsibility
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IMHO. (OK I wrote an article.) I think those of us outside the official CofS need to begin the process of taking responsibility for the abuses that happened in the name of the spiritual progression of beings via the CofS. And that includes some of Ron's actions, he was not perfect. How we do that is not something I have a solution for but maybe this commentary is a start.

Fighting governments and medical societies, etc. got ingrained into our culture. Now is a different time. There is more of humanity worldwide focused on justice and fair treatment than there was in the 50’s. In the field of the spirit many churches of different stripes have protections probably aided by the fights of CofS. But to remain mired in those fights is not the best way forward.

Can we commit to carving out of the subject the false authority allowing us to treat everyone we disagree with, and everyone who under performs in their job, and all the other excuses we can come up with for accusation, mistreatment and excommunication? Is the concept truly valid that we are the judge and jury? No, it is not, because we are not perfected. We are fellow beings somewhere on the spectrum of freedom and ability, but none are infallible. We all seem to have agreed that participating in the MEST universe is the game we want to play. And so, in the MEST universe it is via ARC that we thrive. With harsh sentences and harsh treatment in the name of "justice" toward our peers we do not build ARC, we break ARC. Violating the basics of the Tone Scale and ARC were errors made by the early CofS. Failing to keep these as our highest ideals - Flunk!

Early Christians and Muslims, among others, did terrible things at the behest of their authorities in the name of the spiritual enlightenment. Today there are continuous examples of people purporting authority, ecclesiastical and otherwise, failing by abusing and creating great harm. Still, that is not a reason that the great religions and institutions should cease to be. Reformation! Kaizen – change for better or improvement.

It is interesting to me that it has taken nearly seventy years after LRH began going public and thirty one since LRH left his body for us to see progress toward a future - free from the constraints of the official CofS. Not unlike Martin Luther; the founders of scientolipedia, Ron's Org, Religious Liberty League and others have unleashed something powerful. Martin Luther let loose forces of unimaginable power at the time and certainly was battled by the Vatican. What Martin Luther did will celebrate its 500th anniversary on October 31, 2017. That reformation changed the Christian church and now there are thousands of Christian denominations. One of the hallmarks of different Christian Churches is that of governance. They each have chosen to structure their churches under different governing systems all the while remaining faithful and loyal to the word of Jesus.

Where will this reformation movement take us? I postulate it leads to more freedom not less. More access not less. More ability not less. More ARC from us toward the world at large not less. As I said earlier; How we do that is not something I have a solution for but maybe this commentary can help in some small way.

Best regards, bill77dianaud@gmail.com