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Missing PDF file113:16, September 30, 2016
What we should do with this book309:16, September 23, 2016

Missing PDF file

The PDF file link points to the Doc file and I can't find the PDF file so I can change the link (presuming the PDF file has the word "brain" in its title and has been uploaded within the last 30 days). It looks like my fault: Revision as of 09:08, September 22, 2016 . I said I put a PDF file up and I put the Doc file up. But the "bottom line" is that I can't find the PDF file in Scientolipedia.

Antony A Phillips (talk)09:47, September 30, 2016

the pdf & word versions are too big to upload (10mb) so we link to the word version and offer a txt version for dl

Dl88008 (talk)13:16, September 30, 2016

What we should do with this book

This is a good find - here's what needs to be done.

1. Re-name the page (move) to "Brainwashing - the book" - (remove the parenthesis and make easier for search engines)

2. Change the category from "Articles" to "Scientology Books"

Changing the category to Scientology Books is a judgement call. Although it's not acknowledged as an "LRH book" per se, it was likely heavily edited by him and distributed by the church.

It also contains important information and historical value. The Church of Scientology and LRH deserve credit (or scorn) for the work and people should find it among our presentation of "Scientology Books"

Dl88008 (talk)12:16, September 22, 2016

Thanks. I have added the category, but I can't remove Articles as a category. I'm also a bit confused about categories as I can't find Scientology Books in the Browse Site under Library as a category (what else would it be under?).

Antony A Phillips (talk)17:48, September 22, 2016

You can find the subcategory in two ways:

1. From Browse Data: Select "Library" then find the Subcategory list in the cent top part of the page. (subcategories are shown with greatest number of pages in them in largest lettering)

2. If you have Admin Links, click on it and find the the Categories link under the heading "Data Structure"

Dl88008 (talk)18:43, September 22, 2016

Oh! I miss that category under library (small print; I should get new glasses). Thanks for the second suggestion which is a useful tip.

Antony A Phillips (talk)09:16, September 23, 2016