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Scientology is like an onion, layers upon layers. At its core, well nothing, just the last layer peeled off. What do I mean by that? Basicly that scientology is more what you make of it and take from it than anything that exists independent of interaction with it. You read LRH, you train, you get processing, and those things create for you what scientology is. It does not exist except in the minds and actions of its participants.

That means that scientology is something different for each person. A person whose whole experience of Scientology consists of doing a communications course at a misssion and some light life repair auditing will conceive of Scientology much differently than a person who was on staff or in the Sea Organization. A Sea Org member will probably view Scientology as an epic struggle between good and evil and something worthy of devoting several life times to. The mission public will have a different reality. This can cause problems!

There is a reality gap among Scientologists. There is also a wide gap in reality between Scientologists and those who have no direct experience of it!