The Association of Professional Independent Scientologists Inc

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The Association of Professional Independent Scientologists Inc
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Description Professional Independent Scientologists Asssociation
Contact Michael Moore President
Country USA
International Yes
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Event Info Postal address: 417 Mace Blvd Suite J #123 Davis, California, 95618. USA

The The Association of Professional Independent Scientologists (APIS) is a professional body of individuals, auditors and groups who believe they should be free to practice the original philosophy of Lafayette Ron Hubbard. It was founded in 2005 and is a duly registered non profit association registered in the State of Delaware, USA.

They believe that, since the death of the founder of the movement, the Church of Scientology has completely strayed from the original philosophy and purpose of the group which Hubbard first researched and developed.

As the members of the APIS do not wish to participate in the practice of an altered philosophy they have elected to practice their chosen philosophy independently of the church.

This is a revitalization of the original technology of Lafayette Ron Hubbard also known as Standard Technology.

Goals of the APIS

  1. To keep the technology pure, available and known and used planet wide.
  2. To make sure the technology is fully preserved so it does not get lost.
  3. To protect the technology we are saving so it does not get alloyed or mixed with any other.
  4. To put in place something to insure that the technology stays pure and in its original state so that, come what may it is always there in its original state if required in the future.
  5. To provide a medium whereby the technology is available and ready for use by mankind.
  6. To have a vehicle to promote the technology and export it to the world.


  • Preserve the exact technology and original workable philosophy of Lafayette Ron Hubbard for future use so it is available for all mankind.

Protect the exact technology and original workable philosophy of Lafayette Ron Hubbard so it is not altered, diluted or changed in anyway but remains exactly as Lafayette Ron Hubbard issued it.

  • Promote the exact technology and original workable philosophy of Lafayette Ron Hubbard so it may be known by all mankind
  • Foster, promote and develop fellowship and mutual aid among the APIS members within the framework of the constitution.
  • Establish communication and understanding among the members of the APIS and members of other communities.
  • Promote and sponsor educational activities that alert and teach the general public about the exact technology and original workable philosophy of Lafayette Ron Hubbard.
  • Defend the APIS from any attempt to inhibit it's existence and expansion from any quarter.
  • Assist in the defence of any of it's members in the event of any unwarranted legal process to the detriment of the member on the basis of the member(s) exercising their legal religious right to practice the technology and original workable philosophy of Lafayette Ron Hubbard.
  • Mediate in any disputes between members when requested but such mediation subject to standard ethics and justice policies as were originally issued by Lafayette Ron Hubbard.

The Aims of Scientology and the APIS

Lafayette Ron Hubbard first issued the "Aims of Scientology" which of course still stands. Yet, despite holding a copyright on these aims the Church of Scientology, RTC and the CST do not appear to be following these aims fully. Therefore it behoves us to take some responsibility and set out our aims, based upon the aims that Ron first envisaged, as something which we can honestly strive to attain.

We therefore state below:

The Aims of the APIS

  • To contribute towards having a sane society by the promotion, expansion and application of the technology to the point where people can live their lives in peace and security and without war or insanity and where they can honestly flourish and prosper and attain higher levels of spiritual being.
  • The APIS is non political in nature and welcomes any individual of any creed, race or nation.
  • The APIS does not seek revolution. The APIS seeks only to assist in paving the way for evolution to higher states of being for the individual and for society. After endless millennia of ignorance about himself, his mind and the universe, a breakthrough has been made for man by Lafayette Ron Hubbard with the philosophy and the technology he developed to free man from the shackles of his mind.

According to Lafayette Ron Hubbard, "The combined truths of fifty thousand years of thinking men, distilled and amplified by new discoveries about man, have made for this success."

We welcome you to the APIS We would like your help in achieving our aims and helping others and we hope to be able to help you in return.

The original working technology of Lafayette Ron Hubbard is the most vital movement on Earth today. In a troubled world, the job of promoting and applying this technology is not easy. But then, if it were, we wouldn't have to be doing it.

The APIS does not owe its help not having done anything to caused it to propitiate. We are here because we want to be here and we want to assist Ron in his aims.

As Ron says:

"Man suspects all offers of help. He has often been betrayed, his confidence shattered. Too frequently he has given his trust and been betrayed. We may err, for we build a world with broken straws. But we will never betray your faith in us so long as you are one of us.

The sun never sets on Scientology. And may a new day dawn for you, for those you love and for man. Our aims are simple, if great. And we will succeed, and are succeeding at each new revolution of the Earth. Your help is acceptable to us. Our help is yours." 'The Aims of Scientology' -- Lafayette Ron Hubbard

Issues & Periodicals

The APIS issues a quarterly journal for APIS members called the FREE THETA. This is sent to each member every three months and contains information about the APIS, lectures and quotes from L. Ron Hubbard.

The APIS also issues a free monthly newsletter for the public called the FREE THETAN. This is by subscription from the form on the website but all prior issues are available on site also.

APIS Certification

The APIS has a certification process for professional Scientology auditors, Case Supervisors etc. This is a very stringent process to verify the professionalism of the professional.

The purpose of the certification process is to uphold and substantiate a specific standard of application and delivery of standard technology of the original working philosophy of Lafayette Ron Hubbard to the level attained by the individual as originally instituted by Lafayette Ron Hubbard.

A number of professional auditors and groups have undergone this process and are listed on the site at

Social Networks

The APIS is very active on social networks with a twitter account and Facebook Profile and Page. At the last count they had well over 3000 members.

Other websites

The APIS also administers other information websites and a publishing site. These are:

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