The Game of Scientology

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The Game of Scientology
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Topic The Game of Scientology
Author Patricia Krenik
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The Game of Scientology by Patricia Krenik Sept. 7, 2013

We came here to clear the planet. That was and is the mission, even if it has been somewhat forgotten about, maligned, deemed impossible, or altered to “putting Ethics in on the Planet.”

The Church of Scientology has completely lost sight of clearing the planet. They are focused on bigger and better real estate instead of the human spirit. They have forgotten their mission. They don’t even promote it any more. When was the last time you saw “a world without criminality and war” or a “world where honest beings have rights” in their literature? Even the Classification, Gradation and Awareness Chart has been changed from a “New World” to “Total Freedom.”

Those of us who know and understand that the mission is/was to clear the planet have at least a glimpse of the true purpose of Scientology. Only those who grasp this idea are truly Scientologists. Someone travelling the bridge who is doing it for his own personal purposes only has not understood what we are doing and why we are doing it, and is not a Scientologist even though he may think he is.

This is harsh. Someone does the Comm Course, likes it, says, “I’m a Scientologist” and joins the Church or Independent Field and while this is a good step this person is not yet a player. You can’t play a game well if you don’t know what it stands to accomplish and you don’t know the rules.

When I talk about rules I’m not talking about Policies. Policies are rules of a sort, to handle situations and promote the flow of delivery within an organization. When I’m talking rules I’m talking fair play and not doing anything that goes against the basic idea of clearing the planet. As Scientologists, we know that force begets force and that not-isness is not the way to a better world. We don’t promote war. We understand that war is always a wrong answer.

The Freezone and/or Independent Field, by whatever name you choose to give it, needs to revitalize its purpose to clear the planet, because there is no more valuable purpose than that. Everything we do here is lined up to clear the planet—or it misaligns away from that creating yet another GPM.

Of course there has been a long, whole track GPM to do with “to free beings” or “to enslave others”. All the dramatizations and implants have that as a basic.

Clearing the planet is different. It is after the fact of the damage. The damage has been done, it is repair time. Get it? It’s broken; our job is to fix it. That is what we are here for.

That is why betterment groups of any kind should have all the support we can give them. Why we don’t oppose “other-isims.” Run out in session any bad therapy from any other-ism but don’t knock them as a group. They are trying to help mankind, after all.

It isn’t hard to clear a planet if one understands that that is what we are doing and has an admin scale to achieve it. There is a ratio of theta to entheta on the planet. When there is more theta available than entheta the planet starts to destimulate. Instead of mankind being a collective “Type III” (crazy) like what you see daily on the news, it begins to calm down. All we have to do is have enough auditors auditing and raising people on the tone scale.

I’m not just talking one on one. I’m talking getting people up the bridge so they can solo audit and clear the planet of negative influences.

What I see is a lot of people going up the bridge, learning to solo audit, not being permitted in the COS to audit the environment, or in the Freezone/Independent Field just not focused on the planet because 1) it is all too overwhelming and nobody can do anything about it anyhow or 2) they weren’t given the right orientation about why we are Scientologists and what we are trying to accomplish.

In the COS they are trying to take over the planet, enforce their ideas on the world, and put in a totalitarian government where you do what you are indoctrinated to do or be declared SP and lose your friends and family.

That isn’t clearing the planet. Clearing the planet is bringing those on the planet up tone. There are many ways to do this including feeding people to providing work and those groups that help in this direction are our friends. As Scientologists though we have a specialized knowledge of the mind and auditing, and we can change conditions through auditing.

It starts with ourselves, bringing ourselves as individual beings into a positive condition, but in doing so we must consider the other dynamics. To go “up the Bridge” to become a superman, or to be more powerful so as to “rule the world” is not the game of Scientology.

You may have heard there is auditing where the end result is that the person who was antagonistic toward you made a friendly gesture. Take that same view of tech and when you are solo auditing during the upper sections of NOTS or past that where you address life, life units and the collective minds you can bring about a change in the environment. We just need a lot of us doing this.

The fate of this planet is in our hands. Auditing is the universal answer, provided only that you know we are not auditing for ourselves alone. We go up the bridge so that we can clear the planet. The players are those who know this. What can I say to those who somehow missed the purpose of the game? Well, it wasn’t your fault. You weren’t given the early training in Scientology. You were inhibited by the COS.

Fortunately considerations hold rank over matter, energy, space and time. Not too late to “wake up” and change your considerations about what Scientology is all about.

Do your next auditing/training step—while remembering the mission. If you have come this far you really don’t have a lot of choice. Consider what happens to you if you don’t change conditions on this planet. You come back for another body on Earth and hope it works out ok? You leave the planet and sit on the sidelines and don’t play at all? Of course, you could always go into hiding and pretend nothing is affecting you.

The choice to continue auditor training is, of course, up to you. I only suggest you prioritize it a little higher. We really do need your help.