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If you have a specific file that is not downloading, email the name of the file to and we'll send you a torrent file to use.

FYI, we're I/P testing a new system for these and your help will be appreciated. Thx

Dl88008 (talk)14:53, September 27, 2016

I can't seem to get the science of survival lecture series. I have a seedbed going now at but I don't know how to share the files. I'm also fetching and seeding from my desktop thru a VPN but I still don't quite get how this whold process works. Looks like I need to upload a dot-torrent file to one of the many public torrent sites where people will search for and find the connection to my seedbed. Let me know how I can help. I just retired from my WOG job and have plenty of time to promote the tech.

Keener (talk)23:15, October 2, 2016