Uploading Pictures to a Form

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Uploading Pictures to a Form

If a File (Picture) already exists on the server or has been uploaded previously to the site, you DO NOT use the "upload file" blue highlight in the "image" field. It will jam up if you try. REASON: it already exists on this computer and the little program that is trying to upload pictures gets confused when you ask it to re-do this action.

Solution: go to a page where you have used the file previously, copy or note the file name and put that file-name in the "image" field of the new Form. Don't try to re-upload it a second or third time. Likewise, if you want to reuse a picture in the text area of an article, a picture that has previously been uploaded to the site, simply follow these easy steps as laid out in the FAQ's.

FYI, when you upload a file, you are just copying it from your home computer to this one. Trying to do that a second time is like trying to get two objects to occupy the same space at the same time. :-(

Dl8800814:52, June 27, 2012