Timeline of Scientology Materials

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Timeline of Scientology Materials
Topic Scientology Materials
Author L Ron Hubbard
Type of Article Category:History of Scientology - Technical
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Scientology and Dianetics books, lectures, and videos list by L Ron Hubbard. Available in chronological spreadsheet format for the first time! (click image for download)

Spreadsheet format listing the chronological publication of the books, lectures and videos of Scientology.

Note1: Eugene Kol did the hard work of converting the PDF file into spreadsheet format. When you get a chance, say thanks!
Note2: Ideally you can just click on the spreadsheet image below and you will get a display of the entire spreadsheet. Using my own Google Chrome browser I was not able to do this. If you have the Mozilla Firefox browser or can download it, you can then use it to view this Scientolipedia page. You should then be able to click on the spreadsheet image with no problems. Or else you can copy this link: http://scientolipedia.org/w/images/9/97/1979_Materials_List.xlsx and put it into the URL box of your Chrome browser (and hit Enter). You will then be asked for the location of where to save the spreadsheet. Specify the location and then a copy of the spreadsheet will be downloaded onto your computer.

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