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Toolbox to Eternity
Topic Toolbox to Eternity
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Toolbox to Eternity August 24, 2018 To: All Scientologists From: Pat Krenik, c/s

Believe this statement or not: You have this lifetime to insure your future survival. Now is when you need to get the knowledge.

Agree or disagree, it matters not. Immortality is something you cannot avoid, you are what you are. How well you survive in whatever you do in the future depends on the knowledge available to you now, and whether or not you truly make it your own.

TRs are a good start—as you well know it helps in this lifetime. The ability to hold a position is good for any lifetime. Think of eternity.

This is the lifetime where you have an opportunity to gain the knowledge and the tools that you can use to handle any situation. It isn’t a matter of someone, even Ron, giving you the list of tools you need for future. It isn’t something you memorize to use later, for memory is a tricky thing, an additive to a thetan, and he may or may not know in another existence what he “learned” in this one.

Instead of knowing about, he must know. The knowledge has to be integrated into himself so well that it is part of his existence, part of his character, part of his immortality.

If the only thing you learned so well that it became part of your true nature as a being was TR-0 then you are one step beyond the average man on the street—or maybe even two steps.

The entire purpose of this little essay is to encourage those who have made a step in Scientology to make many more. It is so easy to get caught up in what you are doing in life, in your work, in your hobbies that you miss what may be the last opportunity for you to gain the abilities you need for the big picture.

We may be in the condition we are because of what we have done and the choices we made, but there are, in any game, enemies. If you have the idea that no one would try to take away your freedom, physically or spiritually, then you are living in a safe bubble that can burst at any time. Man may be basically good, but not all of mankind (and this is observable) is acting with good intentions in present time, nor can you predict that when you pass through this lifetime into the next existence that man’s intentions will be any better or that you will not be attacked in-between lives. The old implant stations of yesteryear may no longer be operational, but I’m sure the same old crew have not been laid to rest or reprogramed and I doubt if many of them have been cleared. They may have newer and better technology for enslaving people.

You don’t want this in your future. You want to be able to reach and withdraw appropriately; to remain unconnected to those who do not have your best interest at heart. This is a bare beginning, you need skills; essentially they are auditing skills, or skills you have gained through auditing that will give you an edge.

Be fluent in the Tone scale; it is a tool that can help you now and forever. It may not be comfortable to spot a 1.1 on the tone scale (covert hostility) but if you know it is there you can take action or no action as you please to handle or disconnect. The knowledge of the tone scale will be a tool that can help you pick your friends, a step to better life now or in any lifetime.

I do not want to beat this to death. With every step on the bridge you gain a bit of “new understanding”. You apply that to life, make it part of your doingness. What happens is that your character slowly changes for the better, and as your attitude changes and you become brighter, smarter, more personable and more certain of yourself you are laying the foundation for FUTURE. Don’t stop now, or set Scientology aside for an unplanned LATER. Consider that the window on Scientology may be closing—and you still have immortality for eternity. Maybe Christians have it right after all –just use different words. So get your keys to eternity this life, and soon, or maybe, just maybe, you will really someday burn in hell. Not necessarily because God will do it, but because you didn’t take the time and energy to prepare yourself with the necessary tools for ETERNITY when you had the opportunity.


Pat Krenik