Using the Objectives on the General Public

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Using the Objectives on the General Public
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This article first appeared in IVy (International Viewpoints) magazine issue 38 [[1]], August 1998. It was number 16 in the Objectives Series, and the author used the pseudonym OGP, meaning Objectives General Practitioner.

I HAVE SUCCESSFULLY run a therapeutic practice directed towards the general public and mainly in cooperation with the medical profession for almost 40 years. I had my first experience as a PC receiving Objective Processes and have continued with them ever since I had my HPA training in 1959, when these processes were still thoroughly taught. On patients really wanting to get well, which is seen by their willingness to cooperate in changing themselves, the Objectives can bring a practically 100% rate of success. Is there any other method of which this can be said?

Moreover, a sufficient relief of suffering by such auditing plus the being concerned noting spontaneous changes in every aspect of his everyday life, provides realistic conditions for spiritual development. This is how it has proved to be on most of my Pcs.

Development of the Practice[edit | edit source]

Initially I established on many cases that I could stably resolve a wide range of disorders, such as depressions, phobias, sleeplessness, medical drug addictions, burn-out in business and professional situations, study, teaching and family troubles. Most of these cases had been unsuccessfully treated by psychologists and often by doctors with medication frequently leading to addiction. While working on my own for the first 12 years or so, I was never short of patients and even had an overflow which I would pass on to a friend whom I trusted.

After relocation, I had referrals in such numbers that over some years I built up a group with 5 partners for whom I did the P.R., registration, CSing, billing and organisation of accommodation. Each partner was in business on his or her own, meeting their own expenses, including a fixed percentage for my services, and paying their own taxes. This worked fine for about 15 years until I reduced my work load and retired to individual practice for myself, which I am still continuing. Some of my partners were ex Pcs, others ex Org auditors, some of high classifications. The latter needed additional training and experience on the objectives until they got the idea and worked along with my C/Sing, although in some cases their special skills were most useful. In addition to the Objectives, patients towards the end of their intensives mostly received individual Comm Courses and running of engrams on obvious remaining somatics which would quickly resolve.

Although I have fully completed other courses, including an SHSBC, which extended over double its scheduled time, my reliance on the Objectives for providing speedy and stable improvements has never needed to be varied. In fact, during the SHSBC I frequently had to use them on fellow-students who had got stuck with sometimes severe somatics as a result of experimental address by subjective processes to areas of the bank which they were unable to confront. I did learn good admin., anti Q and A, improved metering and I got experience on extreme cases.

Approach to the General Public[edit | edit source]

The practice never had a name-plate nor was any attempt made to sell a system. Positive and stable results produced favorable word-of-mouth propaganda, that was all. When asked, calling the treatment “Attention-Exercises”, to be experienced rather than discussed, proved to be enough explanation to patients who had not had any real benefit from much talk in other therapies.

Professional surroundings and dress as well as conservative financial behaviour were also essential. My fees were equivalent to professional specialists hourly rates. There was no advance payment. At the initial interview, I got information equivalent to a white-form (without the use of an E-meter in most cases) and generally, on the basis of my experience, was able to weed out the majority of the unmotivated or alibi-patients. I would state the expected length of treatment — mostly about 100 hours for the usual tough cases, taking 4 weeks for non-locals and generally 8 weeks for locals.

The hourly rate was agreed and that accounts would be presented every 25 hours for prompt payment. As improvements were then very obvious, there were no delayed payments or bad debts. Patients referred by doctors or clinics were sent back for after-treatment check-ups and followup. Patients coming on their own I first got medically checked. This kept relationships with the doctors clear and got me their help in emergencies when, though rarely, they did arise. Also, when I closed my group-practice, I obtained testimonials from the doctors stating, after reference to their files, how many cases had been done for this one, that one and the other, that they had followed these up, with the great majority of them remaining stably well over the years. They all said that they much regretted losing my group’s services, although some of my partners carried on alone.

Another testimonial came from a local business with 4500 people on staff. Over a period of 9 years I had given two Comm courses annually, mostly with one of my partners, to groups of about 16, entitled “Getting On With Your Co-workers”. These were much appreciated and also proved a source for the practice.

Relationship with Scn.[edit | edit source]

I never tried to sell goals which would have been totally unreal to people simply wanting to get rid of their sufferings of many years. I made no secret of Scn, using e.g. the books by Ruth Minshull (later suppressed by the Org.) with good success. When they had been helped and their lives had stabilized, a number of my patients wanted to learn my skills and I was keen to get partners.

However, when I referred them to the Org., they would not train anybody I recommended, as I had what nowadays looks like the honour of being made one of the first “Suppressives”, about 1963.

I was “declared” quite arbitrarily even by the standards of the then newly-introduced “Ethics”, against the findings in my favour of one and, when these proved unacceptable, even a second “Committee of Evidence”. Both findings were simply overturned by Mary Sue Hubbard.

In due course, I got people trained by ex-scientologists who had left the Org, by then on the “boat”. The first attempt proved a disappointment, costly in every way. Other, equally qualified, exs then completed the job and stayed for years as members of my team. They did a good job, made a good living and, I think, stabilized their lives for the first time since they had got into Scn.

Criteria for Success of Treatment[edit | edit source]

“Cognitions” without spontaneous changes in behaviour which would stand up under the stresses of daily life were never my idea of success. Thus, I would sometimes send off patients before the end of the scheduled treatment, in order to prove themselves in life. I would warn my patients of impending radical changes in their family and business-life, marriages would either work or break up, jobs would be changed, exams would be passed, messes in homes, offices, work in progress would be cleaned up, depressions of loss and bereavement be finished with, families would be reunited — and patients would knowingly do it under their own steam.

In this way, we got successive members of families as patients and old patients would voluntarily come back for further treatment before facing some new challenge in their lives. Thus, my PR extended to many parties, weddings, christenings and even funerals. Being of a sociable disposition this, though strenuous, quite suited me.

Spiritual Development[edit | edit source]

One feature of the Objectives of which I have seen no mention in the various articles on them is that they reliably bring patients up the “Sub-Zero Tone-Scale”. People coming up as Beings from the lower depths of this scale will display its various attitudes, for instance, if they got that far, they would temporarily give off the stench of decomposition when passing through “Body Death”.

Having a very acute sense of smell, I would then have to thoroughly air the room and get myself a hot bath after every such session.

I wonder, with nowadays the Objectives apparently not being taught and used effectively any more, could not higher grades, including OTs, actually be “Quickies”? In other words, any “superior” abilities, costing large sums for each stage, consisting of phenomena and cognitions and with E-meter reactions lending these an apparent objectivity, could be unsupported by a corresponding development of responsibility,i.e. of character. That would be the only way to ensure positive and lasting use and growth of such abilities. At least one other writer on the Objectives seems to state this as her observation and, I suppose, there are quite a few examples around.

When patients would come up-scale, their interests would change naturally and in many cases towards spiritual development. When asked, I would give them info about effective methods in Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity and later methods, with them picking up what might suit them individually.

When people become able and have experience of cycles of communication and action and particularly have a real intention of experiencing God, which has always been my own desire, they can then understand and make traditional or modern methods of spiritual development work well for themselves through all the dynamics.

As far as the Objectives and much else goes, LRH did a terrifically good job, for which I am heartily grateful.

I wonder, though, if anybody was ever asked or had the confront to run them thoroughly on him personally?