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Success Story
Auditor Ron's Org Grenchen
Name Valerie
Training Success Solo Course
Website https://www.ronsorg.ch/en/
Email theta@ronsorg.ch

Solo Course[edit | edit source]

I am conscious the SOLO course is just a step and the beginning of the OT levels BUT for me it was also the recovery of a true life that is worth living.

A life where Scientology can really be applied and the road of freedom walked on… and the hope of a better world made a simple reality.

I had attested Clear in the Church in 1991, started the SOLO course in 2001 (still in the Church) and finally 20 years after…. completed it at the RON’s Org in a very short time, a normal time !

Actually, with all the arbitraries & out-tech from the Church, I had, in my inner depth, lost hope that we could make it on this planet. Horrible to say…

So life became hard to bear for me and people around me.

But now I’m back.

I saw the miracles of the simplicity of Tech applied, the high quality of auditing, the OT-ness, kindness and devotion of all the RON’s Org team, I saw these incredible results on me and others.

You brought me back to life as a being, my purposes, my confidence, my spirit of play in the game of clearing this planet.

And this has no price.

The better way to trap able people is with something being «almost» Scientology.

I was trapped in following a road to freedom that was going nowhere and was spiritually dying of this.

The RON’s Org got me out of this Machiavellian nightmare and the Bridge becomes, once again, feasible for me and everybody who wants to do it in this lifetime.

So this SOLO course completion means ascending spiral to freedom on many dynamics.

A big big thanks to all of you at the RON’s Org and a special thanks to my incredible auditor and C/S, Erica, to my real friend, Yvan and to my so precious & beloved husband, that made all this help possible for me.