Vital Data for Free Beings

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Vital Data for Free Beings
Topic Vital Data for Free Beings
Author Patricia Krenik
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Vital Data for Free Beings Hi. I just had series of remarkable cognitions, and I would like to share as guideline for you to consider when going through your studies in Scientology.

We start out handing Mental Image Pictures, or MIPs. Thoughout our auditing we are aware of these in one manner or another, even aware of times of “no MIPs”.

Mental Image Pictures of things that happened in your life or happened in the physical universe are called “facsimiles”. There are several definitions of facsimile in the Technical Dictionary of Dianetics and Scientology, but I don’t want you to miss #6. “A simple word meaning a picture of a thing, a copy of a thing, not the thing itself.” Standard definition in any dictionary gives “copy.”

There are two forms of M.I.P’s, the facsimile and the mock up. The mock up is a knowingly created picture. A facsimile is being created unknowingly.

A facsimile is not the thing; it is a picture, a copy of the event. Truck goes over the bridge—that picture isn’t happening now, at least not to you in P.T. as you read this. It is either knowingly being mocked up, or remembered on some level or another.

Facsimiles have dates and locations. The Time Track, another technical word, is a series of M.I.P.s known or unknown that make up “memory” that are very exactly dated.

Even though the picture may be of the physical universe surroundings it is NOT the physical universe. It is a view of it. It is important to get this difference. We are not running out in auditing the physical universe, we are running out our views of it. Baseball bat hits head…ouch! Attention fixes. Copies of incident made. PC needs to understand that he is running copies, not the real happening, because that happening occurred in a different time and it isn’t now.

Eventually we move up the bridge and get into Implants, basically heavy engrams. Unlike a simple engram they don’t run well with Dianetics. An engram may have some command value but Implants are simply loaded with command value.

An Implant isn’t occurring now. It is still a MIP. It is still a copy of an event. No matter how impressive it may be, how much “force” is in it, it is still just a picture. What makes it so different from the common engram is that it is a picture that was intended to control and enslave beings. Someone at sometime didn’t have your best interest at heart.

To make the control effective Implants are full of orders and FALSE data. Usually in one or another of them you were told “to forget” or “not to forget” so these pictures hang around.

FALSE DATA The only way you can mess up somebody is to give them false data, incorrect information. Try to learn to speak English if you were taught there were only 24 letters in the alphabet. Or that all vowels had been disregarded. Or that A was pronounced as oo, like in tool.

The way to enslave a populace is to cut theta lines, and feed false data about persons or things. So the way to stay free is to recognize false data. That includes the time track. The time track isn’t something you can build a machine and travel back to because there is no such thing in reality. The time track is again, mental image pictures, and they are COPIES.

In particular, as far as aberration goes, they are copies of FALSE data. Student doesn’t understand a word…false data. Or student did understand the word but someone invalidated his data. The invalidation was false data.

Of course, in Implants there is much force applied to get beings to accept the false data, but never forget this is a picture, a copy of the force, not the force itself. To think of it as real and now is another false datum. It may seem real when you are running it, but still, it is just a picture. It takes beings to agree with these pictures to make them persist. LRH calls it “alter-is-ness”, or changing a MIP just a bit so it doesn’t vanish. There are other things a preclear/pre-ot can do to make pictures persist, such as not-isness (the effort to make it not have happened). SPEED OF PROCESSING We indoctrinate the pc well on what auditing is about. The better he understands what he is doing the better he will respond. Training is wonderful for case gain. I’m writing this article because I feel that a lot of pc’s and even possibly pre-ots haven’t cognited on these points. Without truly understanding the nature of the facsimile, the difference between a “recording” (i.e copy) and a mock up (a knowingly created picture) case gain will simply stall, or drag along placidly. Patricia Krenik