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What is Ron's Org
Topic Ron's Org
Author Max Hauri
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Website http://ronsorg.com
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early years[edit | edit source]

For many it was unknown that in 1982/83 there was a big schism in the Church of Scientology. World wide literally tens of thousands of Scientologists left the church in those years. Top executives as well as top auditors and C/Ses. One of them was Captain Bill (CBR = Capt. Bill Robertson; sometimes also called WBR = William Branton Robertson.) Capt. Bill has had the rank of a Captain, RA (Right Arm), was Class VIII and FEBC/OEC trained and was awarded Kha-Khan status.

freezone[edit | edit source]

Obviously LRH recognized early on that the church would go off the rails. He said to Captain Bill that if things go wrong he should go out of the church and found a "Freezone". Ernie Martin is confirmed that as well, independently from Captain Bill. Ernie was told the same around 1973.

What many of us consider an accidental product "something that just happened because the church is doing that bad," isn't but was postulated by Hubbard already long ago.

Today I can definitely confirm that a Freezone has to be established and organized, it needs to be done! It is not just happening. The last three decades speak a clear language. Capt. Bill founded the Freezone and the Ron's Org

In 1981 when all went so wrong and David Miscavige began the take over of the church – with the help of some intelligence or IRS or whatever organizations – Captain Bill left the church. First he wanted to establish a Freezone in California and US in general but got no support.

He came to Europe where he got enough people and established the Freezone and Ron's Org. By the way, Ron's Org stands for Ron's Organization and Network for Standard technology (note the capital letters.)

splinters[edit | edit source]

The Free Zone and Ron's Org were successful. More than a thousand people were active. However when Captain Bill died in 1991 it splintered strongly and worst of all so many were involved in rewriting the tech anew, renaming it, not mentioning the source of it, avoiding the term "Scientology", "Dianetics" and the original tech per se and made some cheap copies: Knowledgism, Avatar, Idenics, Pilot, Dyanasis, L. Kin (Ulrich Kramer), Thommy Thomson (Icause), Excalibur Revisited [not to confuse with Excalibur], Clearbird, Spiritology, Metapsychology and others.

Erica and I, we had also to reorient ourselves anew – it was really a huge confusion at the beginning of the nineties. Don't forget and underestimate the constant attacks from the church, they were just intimidating.

original materials[edit | edit source]

Against all the adversities we decided to keep true to Hubbard and the original materials. Announcing that, showed that we were now alone, we were called backwards, unpopular. To bring it to the point, it was discriminating.

We continued and slowly we found some other "backwards" and we started to join and organize ourselves. We had groups in Russia who were very eager for Standard Tech. We continued and grew.

12 November 1983 Captain Bill founded the OTC WW. He was the chairman and by his passing away the OTC was without a chairman.

Many members stayed but most of them sympathized with the "modern" tech and so the OTC changed. There was an unwritten policy to no more talk about the tech to not invalidate those having another opinion on the tech.

Nevertheless, we applied Standard Tech we stayed in the OTC. We were surrounded by "modern" tech people – we were the ultra orthodox. We grew and brought new members, not so the modern oriented members.

In the year 2002/3 we started to be a considerable size and we wanted to have Ron's Org defined as "working with original LRH materials" – those not using originals were not calling themselves "Ron's Org" because the name was treacherous. We made a CSW for the OTC meeting end of 2003. We got attacked for doing so!

We wanted that the name Ron's Org – Ron's Organization and Network for Standard technology – is standing for what it was originally created.

fundamentalists[edit | edit source]

We, the "fundamentalist" as we also were called, then founded on the 7 February 2004 the Ron's Org Committee (ROC). The basic purpose was to keep the original tech clean and alive. Please read for better understanding the statutes of the ROC: Ron's Org

The purpose of the ROC is to make sure that Standard Tech as per LRH is available for everybody and will continue to be available in the future and is applied throughout the world. Regarding Auditing, C/Sing and Training in the Div 4 course room, a Ron's Org delivers Standard Tech, using exclusively original materials of LRH.

From the beginning we were aware that the name Ron's Org will be subject of quarrels and difficulties. Certainly a new name would have prevented that. Without getting involved now in long discussions, we considered that we deserve that name and it fits for us. And after all it was Captain Bill's creation and he was very pro LRH and Standard Tech and admin and Ethics.

The problem is that still some organizations call themselves Ron's Org even though they do not belong to us and do not apply the tech as we postulated.

We were aware of that in advance but we knew this will fade out. It is a matter of time. And so it is.

The Ron's Org Committee is not even ten years old and we have made so much headway that I sometimes hardly can believe that Standard Tech became that modern again. It was much faster than all the founding members of the Ron's Org Committee were dreaming of.

Yes, we are proud of that. Very proud.

Today, still there is some confusion about the name Ron's Org. Please take a look at our web page www.ronsorg.com there you can find a list of members. If they are listed on it they are true Ron's Orgs. If they are not listed there, they are not a Ron's Org as we define it.

A Ron's Org is working with LRH original materials. We deviate in Div 6 from that, there we are not that strict, but starting with HQS we are already very much on our policy. But when a student or pc comes to Div 4, we are very strict. LRH, what else? – A few BTBs and BPLs. Ron's Org and OT Levels

beyond NOTS[edit | edit source]

Yes, we have OT Levels which exceed NOTs and the original OT Levels (OT 4-7 delivered before NOTs was released.) Those OT levels are clearly labeled.

OT 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 original or "new" are delivered as LRH taught us. In a standard Course Room with supervisors and – not always popular – with checkouts.

Starting with NOTs the questions of "is it LRH or not" begins. Was NOTs originally written by Hubbard? Wasn't it written by David Mayo? Why was it revised several times even though LRH probably was not around anymore and certainly in later times, when he definitely was dead.

If you want to be really pure and "only LRH" you have to resolve that question for yourself.

Captain Bill was confronted by the fact that NOTs was not producing the products and wins expected. So he studied it very thoroughly and he found things that no or little attention was paid to, and combined with standard Scientology and Dianetics Basics it became first "Super NOTs", later it had the name "Excalibur". But factually you can find it all in the original NOTs Series.

Into the realm of fairy tales also belongs the story that Captain Bill got those OT levels telepathically from LRH. He never told so. He never pretended so.

It is true that some of the Sector Operation Bulletins (can be found in Sector 9 book) were transmitted telepathically. It is so written there.

Before we now go into the subject of the OT levels above NOTs I would like to invite you to study the following items: Tape 23 Feb 65 Level VII; Tape 1 Aug 57 Thinnies; Tape 20 Oct 54 Parts of Man. Study it carefully, Hubbard says interesting things there.

And after all we know we have created the world and the universe – where and when will we start to handle that? And Hubbard himself wrote "preOT" – and those being on OT 3 know that it is a Pre-OT Level.

Is OT 3 and NOTs enough for being a full OT? Important and powerful levels, no doubt. But having done them – think about it – isn't there more?

Captain Bill took things LRH taught him – you can read and learn it yourself, some of the materials are mentioned above – and put it together into further OT levels. You are not altering the tech much less the basics.

The bridge from the scratch up to Excalibur (Super NOTs) is actually the band of the other-determined case, those things that were done to the preclear or preOT. OT 9-16 is handling the self-determined case. Again if you are now wondering what it is, read the references given above.

It is very rarely known that we cannot be OT in a world that has gone mad. So the OT level 19-40 are actually Admin levels, that means that you, as an OT, have the responsibility to bring others to and up the bridge. Without your fellow member being cleared you hardly can be OT. LRH himself made this experience when he failed in Rhodesia. "OTs work best in groups." Listen to Ron's Journal 67.

OT 40 actually is the level of Games Master. It gives you the tool to be a games master especially to play the game Scientology and to make things go right in that game. And the levels above OT 40 are helping the OT to find and accomplish his Source Mission, hence the name Source Operation Levels. Again, also those levels are here to support the OT to bring Scientology alive.

On the original, unsquirrelled Bridge of 1975 (The Bridge To A New Civilization) it is stated:

"There are perhaps 15 levels above OT VII fully developed but existing only in unissued note form, pending more people's full attainment of OT VI and VII" L. Ron Hubbard

What are those levels?

In short, those level increase your ability to make things go right. And that's an OT after all. Not an out of order or broken or victim thetan.

You may ask "Does it work?" I can speak mainly for myself: Without Captain Bill Robertson and those levels you would not be reading what you are reading now. I would be a good citizen, having in mind that Scientology was/is the best I have ever met in this lifetimes and for endless lifetimes. It promised so much but I didn't make it.

Do I consider Captain Bill Robertson better or on the same level as Hubbard? There is no being comparable to L. Ron Hubbard, he is unique. There is nothing comparable in the last 2000 years.

I am very thankful to Captain Bill Robertson because he helped me to understand LRH. He opened the door to the knowledge, he was the “Open Sesame”. Captain Bill would be the first who would object if I would put him on the same level.

Max Hauri

ROC Chairman