What is a Scientology Organisation?

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What is a Scientology Organisation?
Topic Scientology Organisation
Author Michael Moore
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Let's remove any possible stigma associated with the words scientology organization.

The Church is not the only scientology organization on this planet. There are others. They may not be called scientology organizations but, by definition, if they use and or apply scientology and they are a group of two or more people working together by agreement as a team, then they are a scientology organization.

An organization consists of communication lines and terminals. It does not consist of the why. It is a structure. The why is the reason for the organization, Not the organization itself. An experience with one particular organization does not equate with other organizations. To so do is an A =A.

One does not rail against a car that has done some damage. One rails against the driver. And one does not also complaint bitterly about all organizations simply as a result of a bad experience with the people of one. Sometimes I hear, “Oh no! not another organization! That immediately tells me that person cannot differentiate between organizations and those that run them. Cannot differentiate between the cars and their drivers in other words. There are many scientology organizations. Each different in structure, time, place, form and, most importantly, usually with different intentions. They are basically groups that use and apply scientology. Some standardly some not so standardly. Some hardly at all. Some are strictly LRH. Some, like the C of S, are more organization and less LRH. The APIS is a scientology organization. It is in the form of an association. It uses the principles and workable philosophy of Lafayette Ron Hubbard as do many groups.

The Freezone is a scientology organization that contains within it other scientology organizations. APIS, ICAUSE, Freezone Japan, Robles, ROC among many others. All small and large group, the RO Orgs, the small groups of auditors scattered around the planet, in the US, the UK, Australia, Russia, Europe and elsewhere are organizations that use scientology are therefore scientology organizations to some degree or another.

With the above in mind the following quote does not just apply to the C of S although they probably need to apply it more than most.

Your Post[edit | edit source]

A post in a Scientology Organization isn't a job. It's a trust and a crusade. We're free men and women - probably the last free men and women on Earth. Remember, we'll have to come back to Earth some day no matter what "happens" to us. If we don't do a good job now we may never get another chance. Yes, I'm sure that's the way it is. So we have an organization, we have a field we must support, we have a chance. That's more than we had last time night's curtain began to fall on freedom. So we're using that chance. An organization such as ours is our best chance to get the most done. So we're doing it!”[1]

This is our chance to 'do a good job', Our chance to raise above the considerations that 'all organizations are bad' and 'I don’t need an organization or a team to back me up'. We do need each other. I have yet to meet the most perfect person in the world who needs no one.

This is our chance to be a member of a team in the knowledge that a team will get much more done than an individual possibly can, and in the knowledge that a team will support one when one needs support.

Is that not that a better viewpoint than being an only one?

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