Why A Training Camp

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Why A Training Camp
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Author Max Hauri
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By Max Hauri, [1]

You may ask “Why should I attend a training camp?” There are excuses such as: "I have done all the training I need or that it is possible to achieve. I can study in my org. I can study at home. Do I really need to go to the training camp. Is it worth the effort?"

LRH says an OT can't make it alone. Scientology is a group activity. And this is very true, I can testify to that fully. Let's look at the equation LRH wrote in 1950: PV = IDX. PV stands for Potential Value. The I stands for Intelligence, the D stands for Dynamic and the X (as in “to the power of” X, as in 53 i.e. 5 cubed, i.e. 5 times 5 times 5) for free Theta.

If someone is good and thoroughly trained and has gained a lot of experience too, then we can say his "I" is high. But before we take the Dynamic with which it has to be multiplied, we first have to determine the free Theta of that person, which leaves us with some problems. Someone's laughter or anger unfortunately doesn't say much about it and it is a very relative value. A person with an extremely high quantity of free theta can become very angry – and how! But it is the amount of the free theta which is affecting that equation very much. As a side note, it is auditing in high quality and good amounts which is going to change the potency in the equation.

Academy in Bern

The third element, the "Dynamic", we have to investigate a little more closely. Are we speaking now about the 1st or 2nd or all of them? Or do we even have to take another definition at hand? In the Collins dictionary "dynamic" is defined as "of or concerned with energy or forces that produce motion, as opposed to static." Could we define it so that dynamic is just life with all its games conditions, everything connected with matter, organic life and life forms? In other words Dynamic 1-6? The wish and urge to live? With a relatively unaberrated person we just could take all the Dynamics together and start calculating, but with an aberrated person it could be that his first and second Dynamic are fully in, but he loves to run a war. That would bring down the numerical value of the dynamic massively in a negative way and when raised to the power of X with the free theta it would bring it down into an alarming depth.

Now, a C/S who comes regularly to the training camp and so by it is increasing his Intelligence, who is continuing on the bridge and takes auditing or goes in Solo sessions and by that increases his Theta, and has an org and is increasing the PV of his fellow men regularly, and he lives his life, then we certainly can speak of high Potential Value. His value to society is extremely high.

I dare say that a man who is in communication, in ARC with others, can be multiplied by the value of others. But people who are not really in communication can only be added together in value. This is how a calculation would look: Five people who are in good communication with each other, with a PV of 2*4*1*3*2 = PV of 48. Five people not in communication with each other, with a PV of 2+4+1+3+2 = PV of 12. The value of a group would go down accordingly if it contains Suppressive Persons.

Those are now figures, numbers, and it is hard if not impossible to put a thetan into figures. However, it is a fact that thetans who can work together make a big difference in their efficiency! Take eleven soccer players with every one playing for himself on the field, and compare it with a team of eleven soccer players, they certainly will be superior to the first "group".

What is the potential value of the Ron's Org Network? The reason why we are so strong lies in the fact that we are a team, that we can multiply each tech terminal with another. We are not just a tech terminal here and there, hardly flowing any comm in between. We are in communication.

And why are we a team? Because meeting together twice a year, for two weeks, we see each other for about a month in each and every year. By doing so we establish a high degree of ARC and maintain it.

The camp is a meeting point. It is where we can learn standard tech and distribute it all over Earth.

Every once in a while someone comes along and explains to you that he can study better at home and alone. But our tech is not a theoretical tech, it is applied philosophy, very much so. The past has clearly shown that this tech can only be taught in a standard course room with standard supervisors.

I am not a fortuneteller, I have no idea what the future will be. I'm afraid we are heading for troubled waters. Maybe, as it is, for a trained auditor who is connected with other tech terminals, I don't fear that he will not make it. I have full trust that a good trained tech terminal will make it, whatever happens. "If you know the Tech it will protect you."

The tech terminals will be the ones who have the tech and will help people to find the way out. And when you study in a camp you are factually already a tech terminal.

What you learn and get in Scientology you will have for eternity.

Become a part of the team, see you in the camp!

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