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Success Story
Auditor Glenn Samuels
Name Roland Aldridge
Auditing Success Auditing

I’ve been getting some auditing from Glenn Samuels.

Glenn is a real old-timer – he was one of the Case Cracking C/S’s under LRH in David Mayo’s time and later, one of the very few class XIIs still active. He audits with absolutely none of the stiffness or inhuman-ness one has sadly grown so used to in auditing. Being a PC with him is just like talking to a friend. He also has a refreshingly realistic attitude to the tech. Getting audited by him has rehabilitated my own interest in auditing!

The process he ran was entirely along my interest line. I’ve done Solo NOTS, and lots of FPRD, and of course went through the Flag ringer like everyone else on NOTs, and I have to say that this auditing was really the first that actually paid attention to what I was interested in handling, rather than being my next thing to do on the bridge. Wonderful stuff, and it wasn’t just a few wins and then fade back to normal – it gave me a technique to use in life to be more myself in dealings with real life and real people.

I can’t recommend it –or Glen - highly enough. If you’ve gone through OT levels and sec checks and all that stuff addressed at what your case is supposed to be, rather than what it actually is, you will be astonished what auditing is like when it is addressed to you yourself.

It’s what we all got into SCN for at the beginning, and which is so lost to most of us.