Glenn Samuels

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Glenn Samuels
Deceased Yes
Died on October 21, 2017
info Cancer
Nationality American
Occupation Auditor
Posts Auditor, Cramming Officer
Case Level Original OT-7 - New OT-7
Training Level Class XII

"It is with a great sadness I announce the passing of a wonderful friend. Glenn Samuels passed away today (Oct 22) at 14:25. His son Tommy and his girlfriend Heidi were by his side. I have known Glenns since the early '70s when he arrived on the ship Apollo and we have remained in touch ever since with him visiting us in Vegas or us visiting him in LA or other places. I had the pleasure of seeing him again twice this year, as despite his illness, he made it a point to come to my picnic in Burbank and later my book signing in LA. Glenn is known by many of our friends as a sweet and gentle soul who loved to help others heal. Glenn is truely be missed by the hundreds of people he has helped in the last 40 plus years. Fly high my friend, we will miss your charm."
Janis Gillham Grady

Glenn's Auditor Page[edit | edit source]

Scientology Recovery

Counseling aimed at countering the effects of Scientology’s misapplications & abuses

  • Take back your life
  • Transform yourself to new heights
  • Repair the bad effects from misapplied Scientology
  • Get relief from cult and other abuse
  • Gain freedom of thought
  • Help for families torn apart by Scientology disconnection policies
  • Final case resolution

Services[edit | edit source]

Specializing in repairing and Case Supervision to clean up Scientology abuse, Bad Sessions and Endless and Irreparable Advanced Levels from misapplications in the Church and Independent Field. Delivers the Ls. For those that have been bounced around the church, the Free Zone, and Independent Field to no result, The Buck Stops Here.

Brief Biography[edit | edit source]

Glenn lived and worked aboard the Flagship Apollo where he was personally trained as a counselor by Hubbard, first in 1971 then again in 1974. When the ship was sold in 1976, Scientology moved their headquarters to Clearwater, Florida. Glenn continued counseling and case supervision working with Hubbard as new procedures were introduced. Upon his appointment to the Commodore's* Messenger Organization in 1980, he moved to International headquarters located in Gillman Hot Springs, California. He left the organized church in 1982 and finished his training at the AAC.

Glenn counsels with pin point accuracy to get to the heart of the problem and resolve it concisely and quickly. He was on the first NOTs course then became the Case Supervised in the First NOTs HGC at Flag. He piloted the OT and NOTs Drug Rundown and his case histories were written up in the Advanced Level bulletins. He is an expert in helping those recover from misapplications and abuse from all levels of Scientology. When he was in Scientology, he was personally trained by L. Ron Hubbard as an original member of the Apollo's "Case Cracking Unit."

He is a certified minister and counselor. Counseling starts with an in depth interview that looks into all areas of the client's life and traces the sources of the problems that exist.

Testimonials[edit | edit source]

  • "I believe Glenn is a very compassionate and loving person with pure intentions to help others. He helped me to move beyond the past as well as deal head-on with my current life issues and new direction. Glenn's unique personal approach with ex-cult members gave me the ability to finally disentangle myself from the trap I’d been caught up in, which I look upon as a tremendous gift. :Nancy Many, Ex-Hubbard Aide, author, "My Billion Year Contract, Memoir of a Former Scientologist"
  • "I had been a Scientologist for well over twenty years and I spent almost 100,000 dollars... Now with Glenn's help, in a few short sessions, I've gotten more things cleaned up in my life. Not only is the counseling very effective and concise, it has given me great relief. And most importantly, it is all about me and my well being which is very contrary to other groups. So after years of struggling, introversion, and beating myself up, I'm now eager for each new day to start. I'm excited about my future and I'm much calmer and happier. Life is awesome now, it is easy, breezy.”SRB
  • "Glenn has brought me great relief from some of the abusive and harmful techniques that are now applied in Scientology. They are more harmful than you think; you don't realize it until you are freed from them. Also, he helped me to achieve some of the goals I had hoped to accomplish in Scientology, but never did. He has helped me through situations in life and in my past counseling to my total satisfaction and happiness in minutes. I personally know it would have taken hours and hours under different circumstances to a much lesser result.
  • Another factor that is more important in my mind than anything else is what I call the X factor, which is the care factor that Glenn practices. It is the ultimate variable in counseling and Glenn has it in spades. It makes all the difference in the world and it is much appreciated by me and a family member he also works with. In my opinion, as a counselor myself, Glenn exemplifies what a counselor or auditor should be all about. Thank you for your help." CDM
  • "Glenn counseled my father after he left the Sea Org. At the time we were fearful that he would die. My father couldn't sleep and he was extremely ill due to the Scientology advanced levels being messed up on him. The doctors didn't know what to do. Glenn did a great job. My dad had been in Scientology since the 50s and in the Sea Org for many years. Glenn is a very good counselor and I completely trusted him to help my dad. My dad recovered fully." LPS.
  • "Glenn is my counselor. Actually, he has been my counselor since 1983. Then I lost track of him and recently connected up again last December due to an abusive situation in my life. He is awesome, one of the very best. He was able to pull me out of a deep depression and some really difficult life situations.
I highly recommend him! " Mary, President, IT company.

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