Bob Mongiello-L 12 Win

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Success Story
Name Bob Mongiello
Auditing Success L 12

I would like to say that I have just completed L12 and that I thought my life was all in good shape ,everything was in good order and all the big wins were already had on Power then clearing and WOW OTIII and beyond my comprehensions BIG WINS on NOT's!!!!

So I was good what else could there be to run right ? So I was sitting in the chair looking straight at things that I had completely hidden with all my power from myself. Imagine lifting an invisible curtain that you made and forgotten ( WOW really ! ) from your view and seeing a junk yard of your past present and future all in a very large box like a Christmas present for me to open !!!

The L's are incredible !!!! please wherever you are on the bridge do the next step and don't stop until you get to the top. The view is wonderful and there is plenty of room for more :)


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