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Success Story
Auditor Franklin and Mary Freeman
Auditing Success Excalibur
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I was musing yesterday about how smoothly Excalibur had been going for me. I had some interesting shifts in my universe and some “occurrences” in the world around me that were interesting. It is like putting that soothing oil on the turbulent seas to calm them.

And yesterday was my first day back at work after several weeks of holidays, and returning home auditing on Excal. My job is a Transit driver of a 40 foot electric trolley bus with many many variables occurring constantly. Especially in downtown Vancouver with an average randomly load of about 500 people a shift and a lot of external interference. Ah, my first day back and it was going to be crazy….

But something interesting occurred. I was not rattled in the least. In fact I was exuding a calmness that seemed to permeate the environment around me. Instead of people getting “into my space” I was permeating THEIR space. And there was no resistance. So in a way i was absorbing them. Somehow they sensed the calmness in my being, just like our two dogs who always come in to relax during a session I have. They just are absorbed into the space and seem to love it. After session they both just sit there and give me a perfect TRO. In essence they are just being and giving me a doggie “ack” like that was a good job boss, and it is rubbing off on us too.

Back to my tale of work though.

About mid shift of my job, I had what I could only refer to as a Snap, Crackle and Pop moment and a more profound and keener sense of the world around me. It really occurred to me that we, each of us has a fingerprint. Not the cops and robbers kind that is used to identify and control, but a much more fingerprint of essence. Any and everything you perceive, touch, reach out to, withdraw from, and communicate to in any way or form is part of that eternal fingerprint that YOU create and become. That is you on the timeless eternal ongoing track. You are what you create yourself to be. You are, in a poor analogy that Theta Fingerprint. We each of us have our own Cosmic Eternal fingerprint, and along the way Mother Karma is there to remind us of what we did or failed to do by the blessings or lack of that we heap upon ourselves and others.

Now that was a lot to digest driving a bus in downtown Vancouver with all the busy-ness and randomly that entailed.

But if that was not enough as this lilly of a cognition unfolded, it also occurred to me that in a really odd and weird sort of way the world I was looking at around me, with aberrated beings, bumpy roads and half built skyscrapers is a pristine reflection of the mosaic that we with our theta fingerprints have created. And of course we with those same theta fingerprints can re-create the mosaic or also strike up a new canvas …. The universe in it’s course is truly unfolding as it should…..