Caspar de Rijk

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Caspar de Rijk
Former Solo CS AOSHEU
Training Level Class IX
Case Level OT-8
Case Supervision Class IX
Country Germany
State Sachsen-Anhalt
City Bördeland, OT Biere
Postal Code 39221
Geo 52° 16' 8.35" N, 4° 49' 37.54" E
Phone 00493929728922
Skype caspar2004

Experience: all rundowns and processes, including power auditing and the original route to Clear, Scientology in the spirit of the '50s. Case Cracking at all levels.

Even though I am now also engaged in various other spiritual techniques catering to truth seekers from all persuasions, if you are an ex-scientologist or ex-church rather, and have been left hanging somewhere, we can debug or complete the actions. Though we could deliver the entire bridge, we first and foremost teach the basics. This means the philosophy which underlies it all, then the science which are the natural laws involved and then the practical techniques and disciplines of application. We are multi genius and have a number of different checksheets and approaches and even bridges.

Our specialties are:

• Scientology of the 1950’s, PDC and an updated version of Creative Processing which eliminates the liabilities formerly associated with this type of processing. Just like in the olden days it can be used again on anyone at any level of case. My partner Claudia Moser is the expert here.

• The ‘original bridge to clear’ which LRH laid out in the sequence of Power Processing, Power Plus, R6EW and Clearing Course.

I was trained by Lt. Cmdr Mary Passmore at the Advanced Org Saint Hill Europe and Africa, in the seventies. I am an experienced Solo CS and did the complete original route to Clear myself in the seventies. You can trust me, I know what I am talking about and can tell you which route and approach is best for you.

Inquiries: please contact us at mgtconcepts @

PS: We are located close to Magdeburg and may presently be the only place in (Central) Germany, we also give sessions and run courses periodically in Vienna, Austria. I strongly believe in the preservation of the essentials of the philosophy, science and technology.