Chris's Grade Four

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Success Story
Auditor Tom Martiniano
Name Chris
Auditing Success Grade 4
Website Martiniano

I just wanted to let you guys know I went to my auditor in Phoenix- Tom Martiniano a few months ago and did my Grades III and IV.

These were fantastic. I dont think there is anything, any other "tech" that can change the mind and life like auditing. I handled things that have bothered and hindered me for many years and probably would have continued to for the rest of my life without auditing. I continue to feel very different about myself and others.

Grade IV really kicked my ass. We were clearing up ser-fac and I got it, but I just couldnt "get it". I could get the concept, but not what it had to do with me. Then we started and I came up with the first one but didnt think it was anything, like- ok, there's this but what the hell does that have to do with anything, that's just, blah, blah. Then it just popped and blew my mind man. That's some heavy stuff to completely change the way you deal with life, in a matter of hours.

What else does that?

LRH figured this out and created these levels to get everyone through this stuff.