Tom Martiniano

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Tom Martiniano
Tom Martiniano.jpg
Training Level Grad V
Case Level New OT-5
Country US
State AZ
City Phoenix
Geo 33° 26' 54.16" N, 112° 4' 26.53" W

I am Tom Martiniano, auditor, supervisor,business consultant, interned evaluator and debugger. I also do ethics handlings for those who understand ethics.

I am an Ex-Sea Org vet with 100 missions under my belt as well as two garrison missions. I was the Captain AOSH EU, the CO of ANZO and the CO ITO during my stint in the Sea Org. My specialty is management. I managed ANZO, EUS, AFRICA and then the FSO and the SEa ORGS (AOLA, ASHOD & F, AOSH UK, AOSH EU, AOSH ANZO. I wrote strategies against all of their purposes as laid out by LRH advices strictly for them and then evaluated then against these strategies and advices. These orgs all boomed and I 3X'd the sector in three years.

Of course, I got busted off this post because I had as bleeding ulcer and was out for one week. Never mind getting the upstat some help, just take him off post. But that was the way of the management orgs at the time. It was like the wild west and there were always gunfighters looking for upstats and picking gunfights with them. Very suppressive scene.

I was the Mission I/C for the original maiden voyage. I released OT VIII. I was the project I/C for the LRH Life Exhibition renovations and for the Manor renovations. Both these are my products. I also was in charge of the Sand Castle and the FSO renovations.

I did rollback missions into USGO and GOWW. I got a sec check pass from LRH during the USGO mission.

I am a Class V Perm auditor, FPRD. I am also an OT Review Auditor. I have audited approximately 15,000 hours in my life. I am a HPCSC trained supervisor and a Professor of Study Tech.

I have complete the following courses: OEC Vol 0, 1, 2, 4, 5 and 7. I have studied the FEBC tapes three times and the Esto tapes four times. I finished the Programs Chief Full Hat, the Action Chf FH, the Msn 3rd Class FH, the DSEC with an apprenticeship at RTC under Norm Newton, the CO/ED FH and a dozen other Full Hats.

I did the original OT Sections up to VII. I have just started NOTs.

I am also working on opening an independent course room in Phoenix.