Finger Pressure Meter - inexpensive E-meter like app

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Finger Pressure Meter - inexpensive E-meter like app
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Topic Finger Pressure Meter
Author Sergei Akshentsev
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Finger Pressure Meter[edit | edit source]

Finger Pressure Meter is an inexpensive E-meter-alike application which uses 3D Touch capability of iPhone.

In searching for less expensive and more affordable E-meter device there were undertaken a lot of research work. In one of the research accomplished by Sergei Akshentsev was found that new technology (capability) called 3D Touch, that is built in new devices made by Apple, is capable of measuring tiny changes in force while pressing on the screen. Since then, he decided to create an application affordable for everyone and be good also for solo use.

Finger Pressure Meter works in a slightly different way than E-meter does. It doesn't measures changes in electricity flow, but measures changes in mass (weight) one produces on the iPhone's screen. It is proven that mass of one's finger is changing as an effect of thought or nervous system reaction, and could be further proved with a plum or a peach - if a fruit is placed on the screen the needle only will show their weight and remain steady.

Speaking generally, this is not a cheap solution in a whole, because iPhone costs a lot, but if one already has a capable iPhone, then this app is an inexpensive but powerful addition. As far as anyone carries their phone in the pocket - they always have a simple e-meter alongside.

It must be mentioned that 3D Touch is not a touch-ID sensor (not a fingerprint reader) - 3D Touch sensor measures the force of pressing onto the display (the only smartphones that has such a capability are iPhone 7, iPhone 6s, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s Plus as by 17-July-2017)

What makes it really powerful for solo use is the ability to record one's session with voice alongside the needle's reaction and examine this video recording later or share them with one's practitioner.

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