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Fz Elma Admin Scale
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Topic Admin Scale at FZ Elma
Author Patricia Krenik
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Hi. I see on the front page an effort to do an Admin Scale for the Freezone. I'm adding here the Admins Scale I made for Revitalizing Ministry in Elma WA. If you look closely, it is one that can be adapted by any group, and will connect us up to function effectively.

Goals: To have hundreds of small groups around the planet delivering Scientology

Purposes: To KSW

Policy: Deliver excellent service

Plans: 1)Establish a base in Elma from which to operate

2)Train students well

3)Deliver auditing

4)Promote the idea of above mentioned goal rather than promoting “all under a single umbrella” as is done in the COS

5)Connect with other auditors and groups for the purpose of expanding interest in Scientology and its delivery.


1)Obtain and maintain adequate space for delivery

2)Obtain personnel for adequate delivery of services

3)Hat personnel

1)Use in ARC to get the job done

2)Follow standard LRH policy on training others

3)Have adequate supervisors and word clearers available to cover needs of students

1)Ensure that auditors have pcs

2)Ensure that pcs have expected gains

3)Establish Div 5

1)Bring students to understanding that auditing is a team effort

2)Encourage the idea that they can have their own group

3)Offer training in admin as well as tech


1)Get someone in charge of keeping inside premises clean

2)Find someone willing to help with outside tasks, cleaning, trimming.

1)Continue to reach out for trained personnel

2)Assign personnel to hats as needed to handle activities

1)Prepare instant hats

2)Tip all personnel

1)Staff to be OT

2)Keep staff enhanced so their rudiments stay in

1)Have training available for staff

2)Refer to HCOB and Policy to handle any disagreements

3)Send personnel to cramming if they have m/us

1)Assign posts/time for duties

2)Hat personnel

1)Outreach to the ex-cos by email, personal contact

2)Establish an extension course for new people

3)Make it known that we pay fsm commissions

4)Promote by using in ARC at all times

1)C/S to program pcs realistically to achieve what the pc wants to achieve

2)Auditors to do instructs and crams as necessary to carry out the program

1) Assign someone to be in Qual, holding cramming from above.

1)Get together an Instant Hat regarding auditing as a team function rather that just one person alone

2)Offer it as a free course for students

3)Suggest they get a Mini Admin Course

4)Design a Mini Admin Course

5)Encourage taking the OEC.


1)Assign hats to personnel as needed

2)TIP all personnel

3)Dept Heads to give orders as needed to their own division.

Ideal Scenes:

1)Happy and hatted OTs delivering services that lead to more awareness and ability on the part of students.

2)Students fully training to be able to establish groups of their own.

3)Word of mouth from preclears and students is good, and leads to more pcs and students.

4)Scientology expanding in the Freezone

5) Students and pcs flowing into Elma in a manner to keep the group viable.


Income vs outgo plus reserves

Student completions

New starts


Number of auditors who leave here who then audit their own pcs, or training others.

Number of new centers established as a result of our efforts.

I would like to expand on this at this time. #5 of plans includes connecting up with other auditors and groups to promote the independent use of Scientology. So here is the latest:

From the desk of Rey Robles

Re: 13th Annual FreeZone Convention


"How To Make The World Work For You"

This is a personal announcement and personal letter to you, the Independent Scientologist outside the Church of $.

We are currently looking for new speakers and entertainers and you are hereby invited to participate in these events – if you choose to.

Your attendance is much needed and appreciated. The FreeZone Convention does not only give people hope, but inspires them to continue their practice in a way that is appropriate to their liking and belief.

Learn more on how you can handle the world around you with the know-how tech that will be shared at the Convention.

My best to you,

See you in Reno, Nevada

Rey Robles

Reno, Nevada


FreeZone Convention

August 8th, 9th and 10th 2014

At the Silver Legacy Resort and Casino

407 N. Virginia Street Reno, Nevada

Convention Agenda

August 8th - Friday Night Get Together from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Meet at the Food Court next to the Comedy Club

August 9th - Convention 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Held in the Silver Legacy Convention Room – Silver Baron C

Celebration Party at night from 8:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.

August 10th Convention 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Held in the Silver Legacy Convention Room – Silver Baron C

There are 20 rooms reserved for the Convention at the Silver Legacy at a special rate of $99.

To reserve one of these rooms, call 1-800-687-8733 before July 8th and use group code TTFREE.

There are many Hotels within 1-3 blocks of the Convention with negotiable rates.

For more details go to freezoneworldwide.com

The Price for the Convention is $125 or $100 each for groups of three or more.

Pay with PayPal at freezoneworldwide.com or send Check or Money Order to

Rey Robles, 17950 Drift Creek Court, Reno. NV 89508