Haydn James

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Haydn James
Training Level Class IX
Case Level New OT-5
Case Supervision GradV
Country US
State Colorado
City Colorado Springs
Geo 38° 50' 1.98" N, 104° 49' 16.91" W
Email haydnjames@gmail.com

I have been a Scientologist since 1975 and was staff for 31 of those years (25 in the Sea Org).

Though I've worked at all levels in Scientology, including International HQ, it was my 17 years in a Class V Org that taught me the importance of high quality service to the public and it was there I learned my trade as an auditor, C/S and Senior C/S. But graduating Key to Life, the OEC and my years of management training and experience in the Sea Org, plus my time successfully building orgs also made me an expert in management, the on the ground variety as well as over long distances.

I have been an Independent Scientologist since 2009, writing a number of articles under the pen name T Paine.

Auditor & consultant, willing to travel. I come to you!