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Topic Scientolipedia's iOS App
Author Brian Cox
Type of Article Category:Blog

The Scientolipedia iOS App allows you to access many of the features of the Scientolipedia website with ease on your iPhone or iPad. It's free and has no advertisements.

Simply install the App from Apple's App Store and you'll have the ability to read about and contact any of our Auditors or Auditor Groups around the world -- send them an email or call them right from the app.

Are you looking for the definition of a word? Scientolipedia's glossary has a large number of terms already defined and you can quickly look them up. Soon, we'll work on having every Scientolology Tech and Admin term included.

There's also information on Biographies and Histories of Scientology that you can browse in a phone-friendly format. With your iPhone or iPad, click here to download the app. or search "Scientolipedia" in your App Store.

The best part is that the phone app will update as we update Scientolipedia. Are we missing a word from the glossary? Simply add it to the website and it will show up in our app. Is your Auditor page missing any information? Be sure to update it so those with the app see it.

If anyone would be interested in helping to create an Android version of this app, please contract Brian Cox:




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