Ingrid Smith

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Ingrid Smith
Training Level Grad V
Case Supervision GradV
Country US
State CA
City Los Angeles
Geo 34° 4' 56.05" N, 118° 16' 42.47" W
Phone 323-660-4359

I started this life out as a truthseeker. That is a path that led me to Scientology. But,it is a path that I have been a trained OT for 40 years. I am a very experienced professional auditor and I'm happy to say that I was trained Standardly before David Miscaviage perverted the Tech


have some very unexpected twists and turns, some of which can be plain hard to confront. I never predicted the Church becoming corrupted by a mad SP. Once I let that truth sink in, I realized it was not going to stop me from auditing or applying the Tech. As Ron said., once you're on that path there really is no turning back.

Most importantly, I'm here to help. I know a lot of you reading this have had bad experiences with the Church an/or Tech. I can help you with that. Also, I can help you with any life situations and, of course, I can take you up the Bridge. I have audited for 40 years. I can do the entire lower Bridge and beyond. This includes any problems with Clear too. You will have a lot of wins.

I am located in Southern California and be reached at email address--