Michael E. Salihovich

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Michael E. Salihovich
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Country Serbia
Geo 44° 0' 59.48" N, 21° 0' 21.09" E
Social Media https://www.facebook.com/scientologyauditing
Email esalihovic@yahoo.com

I did my first Scientology course in 1984, the Basic TRs Course, and since 1985 I have continued with deeper and more thorough study and education in the field. I collected all the books and materials I could while living in the socialist country of Yugoslavia.

In 1983, my friend Desimir Ivanovic returned from Saint Hill where he had been trained to Class V and attested to Clear. In Yugoslavia, he started an association of citizens called Society for Psycho-physical Recreation. It was actually an undercover independent Scientology org because he didn't want to continue with CoS and couldn't use the word "Scientology" publicly in what was then Yugoslavia. So we were probably among the first, if not the first, Freezone Org in Europe! After the "great purge" in the CoS in the early 1980s, many of Desmir's friends from Saint Hill, like Alan Ambrose and Eric Ballard, started visiting us. Until the war in the Balkans (1991), we progressed through numerous courses, intensive training (like Standard Dianetics) and many hundreds of hours of co-auditing, during which I attained the state of Clear, though I did the DCSI and rehabbed it many years later.

Our activities stopped during the war years, but Desimir started training a select group of students on the Academy levels, which he had to call "School of Clearing" in public. I attended his training and got a certificate in "Coaching According to Clearing Method" as Desimir called it... (approximately equivalent to Class IV). After the war, thanks to the availability of a new invention called the Internet, I started reconnecting with old Scientology friends and making new ones. With the help of my new Freezone friends, I worked on further training in all the available ways. Whenever possible, I traveled to Switzerland (Ron's Org), Italy or the UK for training. I also used the Internet and whatever other resources were available.

Starting in 2018, I spent many free evenings after work helping Jonathan Burke of AOGP upload online courses for his Online Academy. In return, Jonathan offered to do checkouts on my materials and C/S me on my Solo Course; he arranged for the late John Nunez to C/S my OT I-III.

After I successfully attested to OT III, I was offered the position of Online Course Supervisor for AOGP, which I accepted. After few years I decided to continue as an independent auditor and course supervisor, and I established an online training and auditing hub which I called the Clearing Academy.

Ralph Hilton, of Independent Scientology Austria, audited me on NOTs (OT IV and V) and C/Sed my sessions with PCs. After Ralph got ill I turned for continuation of my training and C/Sing to Randy Smith in California, USA. Randy welcomed me and is supervising me on my Solo NOTs course (OT VI), and he also C/Ses my PCs.

From 1984 until today, my spiritual Path has always been an exciting, fulfilling journey that hasn’t left me disappointed. I discovered and attained what I needed to attain, and I'm at a good place now. I know what I know, and I know what I don't know.

I was never a member of the Church of Scientology and I was neither interested in that cult, nor the LRH personality cult. I have always been interested only in Truth, and in auditing as a practical way to discover the Truth.

In my early teenage years, the magic of communication won my heart, and it became clear to me that auditing — in which one conscious being listens to and understands another conscious being who's presenting herself or himself — is truly a Path of Love and a Way Out.

I wish to help fellow humans liberate themselves from trappings of their minds for as long as I live. I will never cease to audit or progress up the Bridge. Anyone who's willing to help me in that is a dear being and always welcome in my life.

Life is short enough and tough enough that the only hope that remains is at least we try to be kind to each other. There are always various angles to each person's story, and nobody's to be judged. Deep at the bottom we are good beings after all. I wish you all happiness, freedom from suffering, and ability to find the Truth.