Michael Moore - A Touch of Hope

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Michael Moore - A Touch of Hope
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Topic A Touch of Hope
Author Michael Moore
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The importance of getting as many people over the bridge to Clear and OT III cannot be over estimated.

The dramatisations on this planet. The suppression is increasing and, like the power of Mordor, is threatening to overtake the entire planet. Apart from the increasing control of the world population by a very few SPs it, importantly, creates an atmosphere of ignorance in the population so they will not know they are being controlled.

The principle tools of control in this situation are:




Ignorance[edit | edit source]

Ignorance is used to deny the population any understanding of whom and what they are. They are continually kept in a state below doubt in the conditions. The mass education, at least in the western world and now slowly encroaching into the Asian sector, is that man is a meat animal and so the individual has no future. This also provides justification for treating humanity like animals. It also explains the protest many have, in both the western and eastern cultures, who firmly believe they are not meat bodies. This means no freedom for the individual. Complete and absolute ignorance of their true nature. A never ending cycle of death and rebirth in ignorance. A prolonged campaign of reducing the population means that many will not even have the opportunity of getting a body due to the increasing competition. This means only the strongest will survive. Being OT certainly would increase ones chances in this regard.

Fear[edit | edit source]

Fear is the tool used to keep the population subjugated. People in fear and below are easy to manipulate and keep subjugated. They are at effect, not cause and while at effect can be easily controlled as their control of themselves is impeded. If one is kept ignorant and at fear and below, one drops all attempts at responsibility and assigns responsibility to others. This leads to authority

Authority[edit | edit source]

Authority is the means of control. Law, legislation, enforced identity and the general use of force keeps the population in line. This is generally the first level of protest for many who are not yet fully subjugated. They are still in ignorance but not yet beaten down into fear. Hence the lashing out with no direction. They are the first target for awareness programs.

This is already extant to varying degrees across the planet. The encroachment of control will continue until the entire planet is subjugated. Hence the statement above, "The importance of getting as many people over the bridge to Clear and OT III cannot be over estimated."

Ron stated:

"Every once in a while, some bloke decides to make the universe a very evil place. He'll get some wild, weird idea of what is wrong with it - it has free beings in it. He always comes to this conclusion if he's that degraded, and therefore starts to get very busy to make beings unfree. The net result of this is chaos."[1]

Solution[edit | edit source]

We are not in a position to change the general direction of the planet. Indeed, even with the freedom movements currently existing and starting up, it is very unlikely that any of them, such as occupy for example, will have any effect. Not because they are wrong or have the wrong motives. Doubtless they have the right motives. And not because they are growing in size or number or even influence with others of the same ilk. None of these will affect the final outcome mainly because the one group that needs to be influenced will not be. Why? Because they simply do not care. The freedoms and wishes of the general population do not factor into their purposes and goals. Quite the contrary. The more dissention, revolt and war the better. It provides a reason to enforce law and order, assists in reducing the population and therefore make the remainder easier to manage.

So our purpose is not having the masses rise up. No, that is a dead end. Our purpose is to make them aware of their true nature and their true abilities. Imagine what that would do to society!

Now, we are fortunate that the planet contains the bridge or way out of the labyrinth man has trapped himself in. Of course those interested in the subjugation of man are not interested in this bridge as it flies directly opposite to their purposes. And most people's level of responsibility has dropped to the degree where they also have little interest in this bridge. Never the less we do have a level of responsibility to get this bridge into the hands of as many people as possible. Not in direct defiance of those interested in controlling man, or in direct defiance of those uninterested in anything except sensation, but in the pure and simple interest of awakening man from the ignorance it currently finds itself.

Ron said:

"In fifty thousand years of history on this planet alone, Man never evolved a workable system. It is doubtful if, in foreseeable history, he will ever evolve another. Man is caught in a huge and complex labyrinth. To get out of it requires that he follow the closely taped path of Scientology.
Scientology will take him out of the labyrinth. But only if he follows the exact markings in the tunnels.
It has taken me a third of a century in this lifetime to tape this route out.
It has been proven that efforts by Man to find different routes came to nothing. It is also a clear fact that the route called Scientology does lead out of the labyrinth. Therefore it is a workable system, a route that can be traveled."[2]

It does not actually take very much. The lightest process is the process to apply for the heaviest case Ron said. A light process in this case would be simply to make people aware that there IS a way out. A touch of hope you might say. Spreading the word. This can be done with the simplest of things.

  • Offering and posting source quotes.
  • Making basic principles, such as the eight dynamics, arc triangle, two rules for living etc and many others, known and used.
  • Posting and getting into ordinary peoples hands, success stories and wins.
  • Creating more websites with the above on.
  • Posting more of the above in social networks.
  • Being a living example of the philosophy we hold so dear.

I am sure there are many other activities that one can do to enlighten people into the fact that they are not a piece of meat, and that they are a spiritual being and that their 'potentialities are a great deal better that anyone ever permitted them to believe.'

We have the route. It is laid out. Ron built a better bridge, one that works uniformly for every case. Let's use it.

The Association of Professional Independent Scientologists Inc

References[edit | edit source]

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