Nanette Kern

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Nanette Kern
Nanette - BW.jpg
Training Level Class VI
Case Supervision Class VI
Country US
State Michigan
City Livonia
Postal Code 48150
Geo 42° 22' 55.89" N, 83° 22' 6.61" W
Skype Nanette.Kern
Auditing Results
Year 2017
Auditing Hours 1137
Auditing Results
Year 2016
Auditing Hours 983
Auditing Results
Year 2015
Auditing Hours 911
Auditing Results
Year 2014
Auditing Hours 897
Auditing Results
Year 2013
Auditing Hours 679
Training Results
Year 2017
Introductory and Hatting Courses 16
Student Hat 7
Academy Levels 5
Dian. Course 5
Training Results
Year 2016
Introductory and Hatting Courses 15
Student Hat 5
Academy Levels 4
Dian. Course 4
Training Results
Year 2015
Introductory and Hatting Courses 7
Student Hat 3
Dian. Course 3

Class VII Auditor and C/S

All phases of the Bridge from Life Repair,specialized/taylored rundowns, Grades, and NED up to Clear

Marriage Counseling

Children/Teen Counseling




Skype Auditing

Current Rates:

  • Adjustable to client's income.

About Me

  • Former mission staff member
  • Auditor in Tech Training Core
  • Class VII Auditor and C/S
  • 45 years experience as auditor
  • Clientele includes individuals from all continents and countries
  • Auditing available in Skype format or phone for those with no internet
  • Veterans, children (aged 10+), teens, adults
  • Scientology Bridge delivered through Clear
  • Handle PTSD, Bi-Polar, Depression, LIfe Stress, Problems, Marriage Counseling


My auditing journey with Nanette Kern

I think this is the right time for me to share about my journey with Scientology since I started with Nanette Kern as my auditor apprx 4 years ago. Briefly, I have just finished my HRD in auditing and Ethics Course in training. I am from Vietnam and had some spiritual research since I was at my high school. When I went to college, via a *coincident* facebook conversation, I get to know Nanette and Scientology. Having much interest but not much money at that time, I had to save a lot and used all my savings for auditing. After one year, it had enough for starting my auditing. Till now, having known about Scientology tech and receiving auditing from Nanette Kern are among the best decisions that I made in my life. It has changed my life a lot. I value every workable technique that Scn has. @ What did I gain? - I now become more certain about the spiritual road I go. I know that this is the best way that I've found to bring not myself up also can help a lot others in the future; - My postulate works more accurate and fast. Yes, it does though I don't know exactly how it happens yet. Everything is flowing to my reality as I want. I can almost keep myself to stay positive; - A lot of past charges have been released and I felt less being the effect of those especially from a break-up, or from parents for a typical family-oriented Vietnamese like me; - I am willing to have a conversation, have ARC flowed to many other people and love doing that. I feel rewarding if I do it for myself and helping others in trouble using the technique that I learned from courses; - I know who I need to meet and what I should do when I get trouble in life; - I also love training and also want to be able to audit other people. @ Will no-meter auditing work? My answer till now is YES. It works for me, so why not for others. @ What's next? I want to continue my bridge and get fully trained to be ready to audit my first pc :).

Have a good day to all of you! Wish you all find the right auditor and have a good journey with Scn. KL, 4 Nov 2018. Hai Van Le.