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Training Level Class IX
Country BE
City Brussels
Geo 50° 51' 1.22" N, 4° 21' 6.16" E
Email jazzguitarist1_2_1234@yahoo.fr

Réparations - Revues - Set-ups tous niveaux, route standard sans altérations, réparations et récupération après des pratiques squirrel et anormales, Grades - NED - Niveaux OT - les Ls (etc), supervision de cas, ... , sur place ou je me déplace.

Repairs - Reviews - Set-ups all levels, unaltered standard way, repairs and recovery from squirrel and off-beat practices, Grades - NED - OT Levels - The Ls (etc.), case supervision, at home or travelling around. (Currently EU, London, New York and at request anywhere...)