Ralph Hilton - An E-Meter for Independent Scientologists

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Ralph Hilton - An E-Meter for Independent Scientologists
Topic Independent E-Meter
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Website http://ISMk8.org
Email rhilton@aon.at

The quality of meters has varied over the years in the CofS and in the Independent Field. The current Quantum meter is vastly over-priced and my opinion is that the quality of its responses is rather low. Meters produced in the field tend to have been variable in performance with no standards set. Prices for meters produced in the field are still quite high and many buy used CofS meters on ebay. Some good quality meters have been produced in Russia but if anything goes wrong then it is a long wait for return shipping. The supply of meters on ebay is falling and new meters at reasonable prices are needed. Some people would like a very basic no frills meter and others would like an advanced meter with all the bells and whistles. There are various options that some consider useful such as having an interface for auditing over the internet while others consider that an unacceptable deviation from LRH tech. Some might want to record sessions to send to a C/S. Some might want to be able to input reads to their meter from a read simulator on a computer, tablet or a stand alone unit. Thus I decided on a modular meter design with a fundamental building block of an analog circuit which can be expanded upon in the direction that people need for their work. I have been using the basic circuit for over 10 years and it is now thoroughly tested and dependable. Recently I have modified it to allow input and output options that embrace all the possibilities for needed options that I can think of. The design is copyrighted but available at no charge for individual non commercial use. For commercial use in meters manufactured for sale I ask 7% of the retail price in royalties to fund my work. The expansion of the basic meter fits well with the Arduino open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software - Arduino Home Page The basic board is a meter that is simple to use and has analog meters for the TA and main meter display. With Arduino boards connected up the possibilities for expansion include:

Addition of digital TA, TA counter and needle motion counter. Display of the needle and other data on PCs, tablets and projectors. Transmission of session data to recording devices or internet connections. Creation of Read Simulators based on actual reads from sessions. Remote monitoring of sessions over local networks.

The basic board schematic and basic documentation are on http://www.ISMk8.org

I hope to be in production soon. Any comments on desirable options not currently available are appreciated.

Ralph Hilton

meter schematic, click to enlarge