Rave OT III Completion in the Independent Field

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Success Story
Auditor Randy Smith
Auditing Success OT 3
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Independent Scientology OT III Success![edit | edit source]

These are the kinds of gains any sane person would want to have, and have others attain as well:

OT III has removed the baffling lies from my universe. “The “I’m-supposed-to’s”, the infiltration and soldering of others’ universes into mine are either gone or apparent to me in present time, and I can as-is them through my new understanding. “I discovered what it means to be OT, it is an unperturbed and safe and harmonious home where I now live. “Because it is the world of OT perception and I only have the means of MEST communication, I would explain the EP as a loss of resistance to everything MEST which had formerly had me battling existence. “I am floating.

“On a technical note, I am awed by the majestic generous genius of LRH. “If I’m not auditing, I’m reading or listening to tapes everyday and getting case gain in that way. “My CS and supervisor, Randy, seeing me through this, independently is monumental as a being, in doing this for another. His grasp and guidance of the tech is superior, effortless, graceful and compassionate.

“This has been a team effort, a long and winding road, not for the meek, that’s for sure.

“I would encourage all to summon up the courage and love for mankind to delve into this wonderful opportunity.

“In addition, I wrote the following success story while I was on OT III:

” The tone level of the artistic endeavor can enhance or enturbulate given the terminals involved, however, there is one constant; that is, the artistic expression was given birth by the aesthetic mind. On OT III I have discovered one of my goals is to dwell in my aesthetic mind solely, regardless of the fallout around me. There is a beauty innately, securely floating there, so to speak, that is a welcome and familiar refuge. The theta universe, I dare say, I have grasped in my hands and heart, and I merely remind myself that I have a choice to gracefully be there or succumb to the entheta that it attracted. I actually KNOW I now have the ability to make the decision and I feel myself transcend to something or someplace that is not MEST, someplace that feels interesting and joyful."

– Anon. for now