Randy Smith

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Randy Smith
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Randy Smith
Training Level Class VI
Case Supervision GradV
Country US
State CA
Geo 34° 8' 52.03" N, 118° 8' 40.25" W
Website http://randyauditor.wordpress.com
Social Media https://www.facebook.com/randy.investor
Email randy.investor@gmail.com

Randy Smith - Professional Scientology Cl VI Auditor, Course Supervisor, and C/S.

I am a Class VI Auditor and Grad V Case Supervisor (“CS”) and SHSBC graduate, and interned Course Supervisor, with 40 years experience in helping others free themselves using the technology of L. Ron Hubbard.

I was staff in Scn orgs and missions from 1971 through 1995, primarily Auditing, Training Auditors, and Case Supervising. During that time, I have made many wonderful friends. My wife, Kay, still thinks I am “special” after over 40 years together, as I do her!

I have been an Independent Scientologist since early 2011, and enjoy delivering “the straight stuff” and seeing the wins resulting in my PCs (clients)and Trainees. I live in Pasadena, California with my wife Kay, and I can come to you for delivery of the Bridge from beginning through to Clear, and the Solo Levels OT I, OT II, and OT III, as well as training for Solo NOTS. See my training blog here: Tim and Randy's Training Service

I am also an experienced Case Supervisor, and a very competent review auditor, when cleanups and setups are needed. See my recent PC's success stories here: Randy Smith - Professional Independent Auditor and CS

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