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Success Story
Auditor Scott Gordon
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[Interiorization Rundown]

I couldn't stand leaving the house for long. And when I got our housemate to take me to the store, I wanted to just get in and get out. After the Int Rundown with Scott, all that went away. I could go out and stay out - by myself! I have my own car now and go out when I want.

-[Scientology Old-Timer]


My auditing with Scott has given me back many quantities of attention that was tied up in different case situations.

Colors are brighter and many worries are gone altogether. I feel that I am ready to pursue life with a renewed gusto.

My time-track as a being is more aligned, and I feel a real workable beingness. I just have a better awareness of my goals as a being and how these have changed in recent history.

Thanks, Scott.


[Scientology Marriage Counseling]

"Enlightening and helpful. This touched all issues."


"Things have been defined for me about myself. I can observe my wife with understanding."

"Very happy we sat down here. This was needed."

"You saved our marriage."



Scott Gordon

Auditor-Counselor Class 0+