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Scott Gordon
Scott Gordon
Training Level Class 0
Case Level Clear
State Buenos Aires
City Buenos Aires
Postal Code 1429
Geo 34° 32' 9.06" S, 58° 27' 46.18" W
Social Media
Phone 720.707.5888
Skype aScottGordon
Auditing Results
Year 2011
Life Repair 1
Auditing Hours 36
Auditing Results
Year 2012
Life Repair 3
Grades 4
Auditing Hours 180
Auditing Results
Year 2013
Life Repair 3
Grades 6
Auditing Hours 600
Auditing Results
Year 2014
Life Repair 3
Straightwire 1
Grades 4
Auditing Hours 501

I am a Class 0(+) with Pro TRs (2x), Course Supervisor training (2x), Pro Metering and Pro Word Clearer training (pre-GAT, meaning the "real" course - equivalent to modern Class 0 with Class III-skills training).

I am currently co-auditing Grades and training with my Pro Sup (Flag-trained Class IV) twin, on a "study it - practice it" basis. As a Clear, I have started and very nearly completed Level A of the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course. Because of my Pro Metering, extensive study and application of the tech, and experience in co-auditing advanced repairs, I have become skilled in auditing any of the Grades, NED (New Era Dianetics), FPRD (False Purpose Rundown), Expanded Dianetics and any other auditing programs leading to Clear, including especially Intro Auditing (and Life Repair for all levels), Method One and any other Word Clearing, 'Int' handlings and False Purpose Rundown.


  • ~25 yr-old taking recreational, but "hard" drugs originates "I don't need drugs anymore" and goes off them completely after Intro auditing program on communication ruin
  • ~50 yr-old through audited Illness-PTS program which handled all considerations about "suppressive" family and who quit working a "questionable ethics" job to move back near family and now flourishing despite "couldn't be around them" before
  • ~30 yr-old rescued from psych facility and brought back up to sanity with a program that I wrote and audited off official lines - is presently flourishing and prospering
  • ~45 yr-old ex-staffmember audited through extensive repairs, "Ethics Repair" and "Bright Think" Rundowns from SuperPower, and through Grade IV
  • ~60 yr-old failed case in FreeZone abandoned by several advanced auditors, finally released from Interiorization difficulties that had plagued this person for twenty years
  • Old-timer and OTVIII completion audited who remarked to a friend, "It was great auditing - like it used to be done."

I have worked extensively with kids as a schoolteacher and course supervisor, and can do auditing, word clearing and ethics with all ages.

I currently divide my time between Pueblo CO and Buenos Aires, Argentina and - I WILL TRAVEL - to your location.

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(note - in the "Auditing Results" column you see to the right, "Intro Hrs" should be understood to mean "Intro Auditing Program Completions")