Structured Data and the Disssem Drill

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Structured Data and the Disssem Drill
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Author David LaCroix
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Structured Data is a phrase that is used in computing to refer to information that is organized in a logical manner

It means you can find things easily and then DO something useful with it.

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When you go to the grocery store, you expect to find eggs in the dairy section. This is an example of structured data. The store is laid out in a familiar way that makes sense, is logical, and where things are easily found.

But have you ever gone to your regular store while it was in the middle of a reorganization of its merchandise? This happened at my local grocer recently and it caused some confusion among the patrons who were wandering around frustratedly looking for their usual items only to discover they had been moved somewhere else, god knows where? The discovery that things were not where they were supposed to be induced mild hysteria as could be witnessed by observing the half-panicked complaints and frustrated questions people presented to the staff while asking for the new whereabouts of their sought-after items.

This was humorous to observe but was also a good example of the situation we are in as Scientologists.

Somebody moved our stuff. :-)

There are many reasons why I have always referred to as a "dissemination" effort above anything else and it's illustrated by the example of the impact putting things into an orderly and structured environment can have.

From an auditing perspective, it aligns with creating a safe environment for the PC, Model Session and even the Grade Chart system of having specific and precise levels and actions. These 'structured datums' create an environment where gains can occur.

The first thing one would logically do to help destimulate anyone after some sort of trauma is to regain order and control.

Structure the data of the environment.

As I said, there are many reasons is a Dissemination activity but none are more simple or basic than the idea that we are helping people find their stuff again.

David LaCroix

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